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07-05-2012, 07:24 PM
Ways to Support EM2WL
copied from the MFP forum:

Hey Fam, happy

We are well on our way, sorting through all of the WONDERFUL suggestions given in the site suggestions thread, and we are looking to make as many of those items as possible a REALITY big grin

(a quick recap on that thread is here)

We've got quite a bit in the works: we're teaming up with a stellar Nutritionist, to help with special dietary needs and menu planning, we are looking into having our very own EM2WL calculator built. We are developing newsletters, starter kits, e-books, etc, and have launched the AD-FREE version of the forum that you guys have all been so awesome in testing out for us, as well as many other goodies to come (shirts?? hats?? who knows?!), all to bring your "dream" EM2WL site to life.

So once again, we are coming to YOU because we can't do it without you!

We need YOUR help getting off the ground. Many of the wonderful suggestions that we'd like to incorporate require 2 things: time & money. We already have such an amazing team of moderators/admin, hard at work here, and I can guarantee you that every single one of us is working overtime (on top of our "normal" lives) trying to make this come together. Many people have volunteered to help in many different ways, and others have just asked what they could do to help. So we've come up with a few ways that any one in the family can so.

Ways to help:

1) Make a Cathe purchase. EM2WL is now a PROUD affiliate of Cathe Friedrich. THE one and only, "Cathe". We are so excited, because we stand behind her products 150% and have been recommending them to home and gym exercisers from day 1. So if you visit the new site in progress, you will notice a few banners for purchasing Cathe downloads. If you make a purchase from clicking the banner through us, EM2WL gets the credit, and you help support the building of the new site, with no extra $. As a matter of fact, you can even get a 20% discount on her workouts by using the coupon code "save20" when you check out wink

2) Make an Amazon purchase. Amazon purchases "clicked through" the site will also kick back a few cents for the site, so if you need to make a workout DVD purchase, or New Rules of Lifting, or Science of Slim, etc, support EM2WL and click through our "shop" or any amazon link on the site. As long as the click "originates" from the site, it doesn't matter if you purchase the actual item that you clicked, or decide on a different item. We will get credit, and you will get your product. We will ONLY recommend products that we wholeheartedly believe in, (trust us, it's not enough $$ to make us bend our standards, it's literally a few cents) but you are welcome to click through and continue shopping as usual, while supporting the site. We've added a few things to the "Shop EM2WL" page that we think are nifty to have on your journey.

3) Donate. We do have a PayPal donate button on the site for anyone who would like to make direct monetary contributions to the site. It is located on the bottom of the main page, and the sidebar of most every other page. Because we have chosen to try only providing you with top notch experience on the site, we have not taken the "cheap" way out by bombarding you with gastric bypass and slim fast ads, just to make $ from ads. We literally go through each ad on that arrives on our site one by one, and "block" them if they are not in line w/the EM2WL lifestyle. This puts us at a perceived "disadvantage" as that is typically how most websites pay for hosting and domain charges. The less ads our site has, the more it costs to host our site.

Everything thus far has come from our own pockets, and we hope that over time, your experience at will be a fantastic one, that you know that you helped to build and support in one way or another.

And last but not least. Keep making suggestions. Even if you can do none of the above, by simply letting us know what you want, would make the site, YOUR site. It helps us to know that we are spending our time efficiently, and actually meeting a need. happy

Most products we love are seen on our newly developed "Shop EM2WL"

Cathe "click-through" links, banners are on our Resources page:

Thanks to everyone who's messaged, asking how to help, and thanks a MILLION times over to our mods for everything that they do around here. We would not even have a spare minute to work on the site or vids if it weren't for y'all.

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