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And I'm back... - Tahlij - 09-05-2014 06:48 AM

Hello everyone!

I posted in the MFP message board, only to then see it's pretty much over here now - so signed up straight away and looking forward to sharing and talking with you all.

Little bit of background - In total I've lost around 5 stone (I'm a UK girl..pounds confuse me sometimes!) but I resorted to 1200 cals and cardio cardio cardio, which left me very ill, exhausted, horrible skin, nails, hair and other medical problems (you girls know where I am coming from!!)

I stumbled across EM2WL on MFP and half heartedly attempted it - but can honestly say that weights scared me and I just couldn't bring myself to eat that much so no surprise nothing happened.

So now here I am, newly engaged and over my fear of food. I've started a weight lifting programme (10 weeks in roughly) and for the last 4 weeks have done no cardio! I do Judo and we've just had a months break but back to it next week. I have also just acquired a cross trainer and intend on 2 HIIT sessions a week max along side 3 to 4 lifting days. I'm set to moderate activity so 15% cut is 1960 cals and macros are at 40/30/30.

For my own sanity I allow myself one day off tracking all day (I normally start off up to lunch then enjoy an evening meal with a glass of vino..I guess this is labelled a cheat day, it's working for me!)

I'm starting to see some tone and definition - I have a way to go but I love seeing my muscles when I'm working out and love my triceps!! ha Small things...

Think that's enough, don't want to send you to sleep rambling ha I look forward to speaking with you all and sharing in success (and frustration no doubt!!)

Tahli x

RE: And I'm back... - AnitraSoto - 09-05-2014 08:32 AM

Welcome!! So glad you have found us over here! It sounds like you are off on the right track and have done your research. Can't wait to hear how you progress... If you would like to, feel free to start a journal of your own in the Personal Journals section of these forums. It is a great place to record your journey, and also interact with others. Again, welcome!

RE: And I'm back... - Jennbecca33 - 09-05-2014 09:43 AM

Hi Tahli! Welcome and nice to see you over here on these forums! I look forward to seeing your progress! happy