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What's more accurate? Fitbit Charge or EM2WL Calculator? - melissaseaside - 09-23-2015 07:40 PM

Hi all,

I am new to this and am going to post my whole story soon.

I have a FitBit Charge. It estimates that my caloric burn is between 1500-2200 per day.

Brief background: Since May, I have been working out 5 days/week doing Beachbody 21 Day Fix Extreme videos (though I have been working out for 20 years) and I think I got myself into trouble with doing overly vigorous workouts too often - and not eating enough. I also have had a very stressful 1.5 years, and this summer was exceptionally bad. So, bad formula: working out too hard, too much, not eating enough, add some stress and - WHAM! 5.5 lb weight gain, especially in the middle, which is not like me at all.

Anyway - more on that later. For now, I have reduced the number of my workouts, which is KILLING ME (weights, HIIT and yoga) because I am truly addicted to working out, but I think I have some adrenal burnout, etc. That said, I still plan on working out 3 days/week (at least).

So, using the EM2WL calculator, (http://eatmore2weighless.com/weight-loss-calculator/), I might be "moderate" which puts my BMR at 1291 and TDEE at 2001... though it's possible that I am slightly lower than that because I'm chilling out with my workouts.

Anyway, my question is, what's my true TDEE? Is the FitBit Charge HR more accurate? Or the calculator (given the weight lifting)? Also, there's a big range between 1500 - 2200. Should I just take the average and assume that's TDEE?


RE: What's more accurate? Fitbit Charge or EM2WL Calculator? - AnitraSoto - 09-23-2015 08:01 PM

I would definitely go with your on-body device over *any* calculator. The calculators are great to give you a base-line of where your TDEE should fall, but the on-body devices take the guess work out of it as they are actually sensing how active you are. I would use the two together, using the calculator to get a rough idea, then honing in on the actual number with the FitBit.

So often, when people are just beginning their journey, they use an on-line calculator and say "there is no way I burn that much each day. No way I can eat that much..." Then they end up getting some type of on-body device and find that those calculations are (for the most part) verified. And, normally if the calculators are "off" it is because the user is underestimating their activity level when inputting their data.

Can't wait to hear more about your story and progress!!