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so appreciate any feedback.. - nwcountrygal - 02-18-2016 11:34 AM

..on the book The China Study. I started reading it last night when I found it in my library2go through my ereader.

Has anyone read this? It is hard to put down and it's about a 27 year study of animal proteins and their documented evidence relating to the cause of cancers, diabetes, obesity, cholestrol etc. etc.

I am a meat-eater, and lots of dairy as well, so it's hard to believe I keep reading, but I can't put it down. Anyway, I'll wait to see if anyone has read it. I am going to look at some reviews on it today because I can get carried away with/by things, and find out some nut wrote it.

Thanks, Denise

PS Maybe this belongs in nutrition, if so, could one of you admins move it for me?? Thanks againwink I can't see myself as a vegetarian, but if I can change my life by weight-training I can change my eating habits, againwink

RE: so appreciate any feedback.. - AnitraSoto - 02-18-2016 08:44 PM

Actually, it's easiest if you keep all or most of your posts in your original thread, or Personal Journal thread --- that way if we ever have any questions, we can simply look back through one single thread, rather than searching through multiple posts. If people click on View Today's Posts in the upper left hand side of the top toolbar all of that day's posts will come up and your post will show up as new (even if it's not in a new thread).

I have never read that book, but I went mostly vegetarian about 8 years ago. I watched a documentary about the mass production of our meat products and couldn't "stomach" contributing to that any more. The way the animals are treated is terrible, and the living conditions are deplorable. I am a real "animal person" and I do realize that one person not eating meat will not change an industry, but I knew I could at the least not support it....

I will drink milk, eat cheese and eggs, but I make sure they are organic, antibiotic-free, vegetarian non-GMO fed, free range, and locally sourced when possible. I eat fish, but make sure it is not farm raised. If someone gave or cooked me venison or local farm-raised beef, I would have absolutely no problem eating that. It's the mass production, chemicals and cruelty that I can't endorse..

One of the things that really changed to way I look at labels of food I purchase was when I started buying foods for my 20 month old granddaughter... I read closely to make sure all of her fruits and veggies are organic (how can those pesticides be good for anyone, never mind a young, growing child's brain?), and I make sure her milk, cheese and butter are all organic and antibiotic and hormone-free (how can ingesting hormones be good for a young growing body?)

Obviously we can't and don't eat this way 100% of the time, but I figure if and when I have the option and am in control of our food purchases, I will make the best choices that I can (but please don't think there are no treats in our home - we have a nice stash of chocolates on board here! laughing )

RE: so appreciate any feedback.. - daphne67 - 02-19-2016 01:48 PM

Just my 2 cents...but I would limit reading other nutrition/diet books in the beginning of this process.

It's so easy to get side tracked with "another way to eat." There's also plenty of evidence (and historical data) to support the idea that mankind has evolved when protein became more readily available. In a nutshell, protein made our brains bigger.

Our ancestors flourished when they had access to meat, cheese and other dairy products. I second the opinion -- choose real food over processed food.

RE: so appreciate any feedback.. - AnitraSoto - 02-19-2016 05:15 PM

Just to clarify, although I eat primarily vegetarian, if I have the opportunity to eat venison or locally raised organic free range beef, chicken or pork I have absolutely no problem with that - my reasons for going vegetarian are solely because of the way our meat is mass produced and handled.