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New to EM2WL - kRiBBiTd - 09-15-2016 05:32 PM

Hi there! I already introduced myself in the MFP EM2WL group discussion, but I thought I should introduce myself here too. So a little info on me....
I'm 24, 5'6, and currently weigh 220lbs. My eating habits have been very inconsistent over the last two years ranging from 1200-1400 calories daily to over 2000. Can't be sure on the number since I didn't keep track most of the time. I also have never been a particularly healthy eater. I grew up on very few vegetables and a lot of cheap, processed foods. The final nail in the coffin is that I haven't worked out much in the last 6 years.
So now I have 3 struggles: Learning how to make healthy foods that I will actually eat, finding the time and willpower to eat so much food, and to prepare myself mental for the weight I'm about to gain by eating so many more calories on a regular basis Sad (Surprisingly, I'm having fun with my workouts, which is new!)

Well enough about me for one post! I will probably be making a progress/questions thread for myself soon. So keep an eye out for that because I need all the advice and encouragement I can get!