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Eat, Play, Write - sheilawrites - 12-30-2016 08:56 PM

Hi everyone! I thought the final days of the year would be a good time to start recording my progress here. I find so many of the posts on these forums inspiring, encouraging, reassuring, and just plain helpful that I hope one or two things in my own journal may help someone else.

So, my dieting backstory....

I'm 5'3", 148.2 this morning, and just turned 64. I was very fit and active most of my life - showed horses and dogs, hiked, swam, biked... But I'm a writer, and over the course of a couple of decades found myself up and at 'em a lot less, and on my widening fanny a lot more. So....

Feb. 21, 2015 - 218.2 pounds, frustrated and FURIOUS at myself for being so heavy. So I joined WW and lost pretty steadily for 16 months. I hit one relatively short plateau about 6 months in and started tracking on MFP as well as WW. I realized my caloric intake was much too low, so I started to eat all my daily and weekly points + all my exercise points. I also read a lot and quickly decided I was not getting enough fat in my diet, so (contrary to WW's low-fat emphasis, with which I absolutely disagree!) I added fat back in to 30% - avocados, olives/olive oil, whole-fat grass-fed yogurt & cheese (small bits). I felt a LOT better and started losing again.

I also increased my exercise drastically. I started with walking, working up to 60-120 min/day. I did a C25K running program and ran a 5K on Thanksgiving 2015. I joined a gym and started doing weights 3 times a week and swimming laps 4-5 times a week. I ran another 5K this past Thanksgiving and am training for a half-marathon in February (although I may switch my entry to the 10K - we shall see!).

Once I hit my preliminary goal weight (I say preliminary because I'd like to lose another 10-15 pounds, but wanted to take a break), I started reading (ok, obsessing) about how NOT to gain back what I've worked so hard to lose. Been there, ain't going back!

I started EM2WL Nov. 21, weighing in at 144. The calculator shows my #s as follows:

BMR - 1271
TDEE - 2192 (set for Strenuous, and Recomp/Maintain)

I've been slowly adding calories, and am now eating 2000, and on my long run and long walk days, I add whatever I burn beyond TDEE-BMR (+250 for my last long run). I've also added some body-weight exercises two days a week, and after the half marathon I plan to cut back on the running and get back to lifting.

My weight this morning was 148.2, so I've gained 4.2 (but only 2.8 on moving average). I plan to stay at 2000 until my weight starts to trend down again, then nudge the calories up again.

My top goal is to be healthy and active for a long, long time. Beyond that, I would like to lose another 10-15 pounds, but I'm in no hurry.

So that's my story, and I'm sticking to it! And to a healthier lifestyle!!! I'm so happy to have found EM2WL - there's nothing better than traveling with like-minded friends! And if anyone sees that I've miscalculated something, please let me know!

Here's to a happy, healthy new year!

RE: Eat, Play, Write - zanyzana66 - 12-30-2016 09:56 PM

Hi Sheilawrites

Nice to meet you! I can't read numbers (well, I can, but I can't break them down to understand things - I'm a word person not a stats girl), so can't guide you in that area. Sorry! However, I can welcome you, wish you a wonderful new year, and stand beside you in this alternative pathway to health and svelteness.

Like you, I have a past weight loss experience with WW, but I was very much on and off over the years. I lost about 25kg with WW back in 2011, but it's all returned to me now. I'm much older and wiser now, and just hope to slowly reduce fat until my feet, back, hips and knees suffer less. I do not want to return to the "budgie" my friends nicknamed me because of my constant posing and preening in shiny surfaces.

I look forward to reading your progress over 2017. All the best,

RE: Eat, Play, Write - sheilawrites - 01-01-2017 11:39 AM

Happy, healthy New Year, everyone!

Let me start by saying my hubby gave me a nice boost (and earned a bunch of brownie points!) this morning. I'm wearing new straight-leg pants pants and I asked him how they looked. Good, he said, "but you look better in the tighter ones" (meaning leggings). I've been smiling ever since. :-)

Anyway, I'm starting the new year as follows:

147.4 (+3.4) [moving ave 147.2, +2)
BMR - 1271
TDEE - 2192
Calorie average past week - 2013

Here are my Happy Scale weights (# on left) & moving averages (# on right) for the past week - my weight is the same today as a week ago, my moving average up .7.
2016-12-25 147.4 lbs 146.5 lbs
2016-12-26 148.4 lbs 146.7 lbs
2016-12-27 147.4 lbs 146.7 lbs
2016-12-28 147.8 lbs 146.8 lbs
2016-12-29 148.4 lbs 147 lbs
2016-12-30 148.2 lbs 147.1 lbs
2016-12-31 148 lbs 147.2 lbs
2017-01-01 147.4 lbs 147.2 lbs

I'm training for a half-marathon (or 10K if I decide I'm pushing too hard), doing a long run, a long walk, 2 short runs, 2 45-60 min walks, and some weight training. On the long-distance days, I add back cals burned that exceed TDEE-BMR. I was planning to stay at 2000 for another week, but maybe I should go ahead at increase to 2100. Thoughts?

RE: Eat, Play, Write - Frosty - 01-01-2017 12:56 PM

Welcome, Sheila! Thanks for sharing your story! I look forward to following your journey as we are similar in size.

How long have you been at 2000 calories? (Sorry if I missed it.) Since that is pretty close to your calculated TDEE, I'd say maybe try to stay there for 4 weeks or so to see what happens. But I'm a fellow newbie, so maybe the experts have some advice for you.

Kudos to your hubby for the nice comments! It's always nice to know they like how we look!

RE: Eat, Play, Write - MaggieG123 - 01-01-2017 01:17 PM

Welcome Sheila! I think you'll find great, supportive people on this site...and no matter what you're struggling with, there's always someone who has been there before you and can help out. I'll defer to the experts on the numbers, but I would tend to agree with Frosty, stay put for about 4 weeks or so (my personal preference, I'm very slow to increase my calories in the hopes of minimizing any gains...)

RE: Eat, Play, Write - sheilawrites - 01-01-2017 02:40 PM

Thanks, Frosty and MaggieG123! Unless one of the experts has a different suggestion, I think I'll stay at 2000 this coming week and see what happens. With all the running/walking, I'm burning a lot, but not every day, so adding calories on those days rather than overall makes sense, I think. Frosty, to answer your question, I've been eating 2000 for just a week, and 1900 for two weeks before that.

RE: Eat, Play, Write - sheilawrites - 01-02-2017 11:18 AM

Down .4# this morning, so headed the right direction. I plan to stick to 2015 calories (my average from last week) through this week and, if I'm still losing, I'll increase to 2100. Interestingly, weather has interfered with my long runs, so I'm not getting as much exercise as usual. I am doing some weight training every other day.

Starting weight 144
2016-12-25 147.4 lbs
2016-12-26 148.4 lbs
2016-12-27 147.4 lbs
2016-12-28 147.8 lbs
2016-12-29 148.4 lbs
2016-12-30 148.2 lbs
2016-12-31 148 lbs
2017-01-01 147.4 lbs
2017-01-02 147 lbs

BMR - 1271
TDEE - 2192
Calorie average past week - 2013

RE: Eat, Play, Write - sheilawrites - 01-03-2017 10:41 AM

Good morning, all! Not much to report expect the heebie-jeebies because my weight is up .8# and moving average up .2. I know, I know, that's nothing, but I'm still adjusting! I do know that my sodium intake has been higher than normal the past 3 days, so I'm working on that today, and I've also missed most of my usual walking/running the past week. Back on track today once the thunderstorms roll past! I am doing some body weight exercises, though.

Question... I calculated my prospective TDEE of 2192 based on Strenuous exercise. Should I cut back my calories when I'm not getting my normal exercise in? If I use the next notch down, Moderate, my TDEE would be 1970. I'm currently eating 2015. I do expect to get back on track today as far as exercise, so it doesn't matter much for now, but for future reference.... Reduce calories in a low-burn week, or assume it will all even out once I get back to my regularly scheduled program?

BMR - 1271
TDEE - 2192
Calorie average past week - 2013

RE: Eat, Play, Write - hannah77 - 01-03-2017 02:27 PM

Just my personal opinion, but until you actually find TDEE, don't think there's any reason to reduce. Once you find TDEE, if you know you're going to have a reduced activity level for a prolonged period of time (arbitrarily, I'd say 3+ weeks), then I would estimate how many calories the activities I am not doing are, divide by seven, and eat that for that period.

Again, just my opinion...I think some would just continue to eat right through, but I also think it depends on your mindset and what you can handle. I would feel more "in control" if I estimated and reduced. Of course, that feeling of control is probably an illusion. LOL!

RE: Eat, Play, Write - Tereza Toledo - 01-04-2017 10:50 AM

On point ^^^^
Sheila, the TDEE calculators takes in consideration your weekly activity level. It considers how much you burn and need and divides by 7, giving your your daily tdee average. If your activity level changes significantly, then it will affect your numbers. But if you had to cut one workout one day because you were sick, the change will not be significant and your body needs those calls to heal. Now if you change your whole workout routine and that will happen for a longer period of time, not just for a couple of days, you should change it on the calculator and see what tdee it gives you.