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Kelly's Journal - kcmsmith0405 - 03-07-2017 11:54 AM

Hi Everyone,

I found EM2WL a couple of weeks ago and it looked like what I needed to do so I jumped right in.

Last year I did low carb (under 40g of carb a day) along with my martial arts workouts and lost 25-30 lbs. I couldn't keep that up and since December it has been me trying to diet followed by falling off the wagon and binge eating on the weekends. All in all I was probably eating about 2000 calories a day average and gaining no weight, since early December.

I still need to lose about 30 lbs of fat, I was just tired of dieting, and this way of eating made so much sense to me I was excited to get going.

My starting stats:
Height: 5'8"
Starting weight: 197.9
Age: 49 (50 next month!)

Waist: 40
Belly Button: 43
Hips: 48
Bust: 44
Under Arms: 40
Upper Thigh: 25
Upper Arm: 15

BMR 1670
TDEE (estimated): 2400

I do Martial Arts (Tang Soo Do) and body weight exercises (just downloaded YAYOG app) 4-5 nights a week. Sedentary office job, more active on the weekends when I do all my cooking/laundry/housework since weeknights I am usually at Karate class.

Goal number 1 - Find my "true" TDEE

Week 1 1950-200 cals per day
Week 2 2100-2200 cals per day

End of week 2:
Weight 197.8 - so no gain or loss. probably not at TDEE yet.

This is the start of week 3, I am moving my calories per day up to 2300-2400. Not necessarily the same everyday - but close with a weekly average of about 2400. Working on hitting my protein and calorie goals - I don't need to worry too much about fat and carbs (though I REALLY have to watch sugar intake!) - they seem to take care of themselves.

Results so far:
MUCH easier workouts and more energy after workouts. "Stuffed" feeling is finally subsiding after 2 weeks of eating this much.

So glad to have found this website!!

RE: Kelly's Journal - Tereza Toledo - 03-07-2017 12:37 PM

Welcome Kelly!

I'm glad you found us! Restriction leads to bingeing, there's not doubt. Many of us had the same pattern, being "perfect" during the week just to binge in the weekend. Or eating "perfect" all day long and bingeing at night. Not good.

You got it right that if you hone in you protein, fats and carbs fall up in place. The extra fuel does give you more energy (what's not to love about that?) and the stuffed feeling does go away. This snippet from the EM2WL Starter Kit gives you a synopsis of "phases" you might experience after increasing cals. (in the "What to Expect: Managing Expectations" section):

At certain stages of the journey, you will begin to wonder if what you are feeling is normal. We have noticed a few phases that are rather common in the beginning of the journey (typically in order written), so do not be alarmed if you go through any or all of the following stages.
1) No hunger or desire to eat the full amount of calories.
2) Begin to increase calories but feel extremely full, bloated, gorged after each meal (tip: take probiotics or try digestive supplements with each meal until it subsides).
3) Sudden, ravaging hunger, possibly able to eat far above TDEE, if given the opportunity.
4) Heightened energy levels, noticing increased intensity in workouts, no problems hitting calorie goals.
5) Sudden decrease in energy, extreme fatigue, possibly lasting 1-3 weeks.
6) A returned energy level, normal hunger levels, looking forward to workouts and meals - body has stabilized!

RE: Kelly's Journal - Frosty - 03-07-2017 04:15 PM

Welcome! Glad you found EM2WL and are on the road to eating the food you need! It will be interesting to follow your journey.

RE: Kelly's Journal - kcmsmith0405 - 03-08-2017 10:20 AM

Thank you Tereza and Frosty happy

I still feel like all I do is eat, but I am starting to like that (most of the time!). I definitely have cut out the binge eating - I am just not ever hungry enough to eat that much. Even the other day when I "accidentally" ate 3 big brownies, it was over the course of 4 or 5 hours and was more about - 'oh no I broke that one taking it out of the pan' than it was about 'ME WANT BROWNIES'. I am learning that I can pretty much have whatever I want and still fit it in to my macros with some adjustments (aka extra protein without carbs that day too).

I have not found my TDEE yet, still slowly going back down after continuing to increase calories, and this makes me very happy. I am eating all I want (sometimes more than I want) and not gaining. My anxiety about losing the last 30 lbs has been relatively easy to deal with. It is still on my mind, but it is not as consuming or guilt inducing as it used to be. Mostly I think because I just feel "healthier" in general. I am glad I still have yet to find my TDEE so I can slowly let go of the "must not eat so much or I will gain, eating is bad" mentality.

I can see the benefits of dropping the last 30 lbs for sparring, speed and stretching, but my strength and endurance is quickly going up with the improved fueling. I am enjoying my workouts and loving the fact that they don't drain me anymore.

I have been going through some of the tiredness and fatigue that the Starter Kit warns about in Managing expectations, so I am glad that was written in so I know I am normal and not "doing something wrong". Overall I feel like I will develop a much healthier attitude toward food and eating and be much better in shape to do the Martial Arts I love.

RE: Kelly's Journal - kcmsmith0405 - 03-10-2017 11:32 AM

It's been a rough week. We lost our power on Wednesday, so I have been eating out too much and my macros are suffering. Word is we won't get it back until Sunday. Thankfully we have a generator, so we have fridges and now and heat and hot water. I am tired, but I have managed to get my workouts in. While I am stressed and off my routine, I find myself feeling fat and wanting to cut calories, even though I have really not gained much of anything from this process of trying to find my TDEE. Maybe I need to take measurements just to reassure myself.

Otherwise I am managing to hang in, trying to fix my macros today. Feeling tired and wanting to do nothing but sleep. Fighting the "I need to cut" feeling.

RE: Kelly's Journal - Tereza Toledo - 03-10-2017 12:34 PM

Kelly, when life happens, adding a cut is just adding more stress to your mind and body. Ride this weeks, eat to fuel your body and keep going. Keep in mind that while on a reset, no fat loss or weight loss will happen. Reset is for healing before you can move on into a cut. I know you mention ed that you haven't gained.
This is a ramble on reset by EM2WL team member Kelly:

First of all, Breathe. I know gaining more weight than you had originally "allowed" yourself to gain is hard. I went well beyond what I thought I would gain as well. But it important to answer some questions so we can find out whats going on

How long have you been resetting?
How long had you "dieted" in the past? What did your past dieting life look like?
Are you certain you are at your TDEE level?
Are you tracking? Are you tracking consistently? What is the average level of cals you have been eating in the past few MONTHS? (If you track with MFP, you can view your average cals in the mobile app)
What are your macro %s and have you been consistent at hitting them for a long period of time? Protein especially. Again if you are tracking , this will be in the mobile app under nutrition (pie chart)
What are the activities/workouts you have been doing?
Stress is a major factor with weight gain. Have you been under any stress lately with work or at home?

I know its frustrating. I know it sucks. The reset phase is literally the worst phase and the hardest to do, but its the one where magic does happen - in time. Lets see if we can figure it out.

RE: Kelly's Journal - kcmsmith0405 - 03-13-2017 10:27 AM

I actually have not gained much at all. The problem is I started this when I still had around 30 more to lose, and when I am stressed I want to have control over something and that makes me want to diet to lose it. I did manage to fight the urge to cut and ended up eating way too much last night LOL.

I have been eating at or close to TDEE since early December - just not doing it in a healthy way - too little food in the morning, eating tons at night - bad macros. I have been eating close to my TDEE ala EM2WL for about 3-4 weeks now. I am not doing a reset per se since I have not really ever been under my BMR in calories ( I was 1600-1700 low carb when I lost 30 lbs last fall. My goal at this point was to figure out my actual TDEE. I had been eating 2200-2400 a day for several months before starting EM2WL. Slowly moving up to see where my real TDEE is.

My Macros are 35/35/30 C/F/P and I get pretty close most days to the protein. I don't worry too much about carbs and fat - they seem to fall in line decently when I get the right amount of protein.

Activity wise - I have a desk job, barely make 3k steps during the week days without my workouts. I do martial arts 4 nights a week 45-90 minutes depending on the day. On the weekends I am a little more active with housework, church, shopping etc. According to the calculator (at moderate activity level which fits with my exercise factored in)
BMR 1599
TDEE 2479 (Moderate)
TDEE 2750 (Strenuous)

I think I am going to fall somewhere in the middle of those two TDEE's at this point.

Fitbit says my TDEE is around 2300 - which I know is wrong because I have been eating over that and not really gaining. I am also using trend weight which says right now (after 3 weeks) that I am eating 50 cals too many each day - but that started out as 300 too many 2 weeks ago and went down as my weight pretty much stayed stable.

My average intake this past week was about 2650 per day (though I was aiming for 2350). I was up 2 lbs this morning but I had a ton of sugar last night and that always bumps me up for a few days. I use my Wednesday or Thursday weight as a guide since I eat better on the weekdays than on the weekends when I tend to eat out a lot, and by then I have lost the water weight from over eating sugar. My diary is open on MFP and I am pretty good about tracking everything. http://www.myfitnesspal.com/food/diary/Naturalnut. I upped my intake this week becuase my activity was higher enough to bump me up into the strenuous bracket. I am aiming for 2450 a day this week (on the assumption that my activity will go back down to my normal otherwise I will adjust up and factor that in).

This past week has been off since we have been without power since Wednesday so I ate out more than normal. My protein was low for a couple of days. Hopefully the power will be back today so that will be a non-issue. I was also way more active the past 5 days due to the power outage and some stuff going on a work that made my job a walking instead of sitting one. I ate more calories accordingly - hence the higher daily average.

Overall I am happy with my progress, I love eating more and I look forward to figuring out my TDEE so I can cut minimally and still reach my goals.

My results so far:
Working out is much easier, I have energy after I work out and I am not dying of thirst halfway through my workout like I was when I was on Low Carb. I thought I was going through menopause since I was having one period every 3 months or so. Have had two in a row now (but also on Natural Progesterone cream - so it may be from that as well). I am finally passed the "stuffed all the time" feeling, and if I do not eat soon enough in the morning I am starving. I may have hit the "tired all the time" point this week, but that may have been the power outage stress. Still never really hungry throughout the day - but I feel like I am eating constantly so how could I be hungry lol. No real change in body composition or weight - though my husband says I am more muscular again.

Mostly I have not been interested in cutting yet - I am enjoying eating more, and I really want to know my TDEE so I can cut properly and keep/gain muscle as I lose fat.

RE: Kelly's Journal - Tereza Toledo - 03-14-2017 01:30 PM

Kelly, we all want control on every single aspect of our lives, but it doesn't always work that way. You can control your eats, you can control your workouts, but you cannot control the scale. Also you cannot control how fast or slow your body reacts.

Good thing that you are hitting your tdee consistently. It's hard to increase tdee and perfect protein all at once. We always recommend baby steps. Eat at tdee consistently and then work on hitting macros consistently. Protein has to be on point most days, it's ok to surpass 30%, just make sure the weekly average doesn't go below.

Your metabolism is changing, feeling hungrier in the morning is one of the signs. You don't have to cut until you decide to cut. It's always better to stay longer at tdee than cutting too soon. Enjoy the energy, the energy gains. Listen to your hubby, he can tell you and pinpoint what is different in your body!

RE: Kelly's Journal - Frosty - 03-14-2017 03:07 PM

It's great that you are seeing positive changes already! Yay for muscles! I figure it's good to stay at TDEE for a while, after we find it, before doing a cut.

RE: Kelly's Journal - kcmsmith0405 - 03-16-2017 09:01 AM

Week 3 Check in:
Starting weight 2/23/17: 197.9
Today's Weight 3/16/17: 196.8
Goal Calories per day: 2350
Avg calories eaten (Thurs-Wednesday): 2650 (had higher activity than normal last week due to a power outage)

New goal: 2450 per day minimum with extra on any really heavy activity/workout days

Still having a lot of tiredness, but workouts are easy, my appetite is back, and I haven't felt the urge to binge or chow down in a while. I am also craving less sweets, maybe because when I want something I just eat it or maybe because I am eating enough protein and good calories and my body is happy. Heartburn is still an issue, but I am narrowing that down right now it appears to be from coffee (*cry* I love my morning coffee).

Trendweight went from saying I was 300 calories over (after the first week) per day down down to being only 6 calories over per day (as of today). Let see what happens over this next week.