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Anjacina's Journal - Anjacina - 03-23-2017 12:45 AM

Hello I don't really know what I'm doing but I'm trying to go through this the best way I understand it.
I'm 46yrs, 5'3" (63"), 251lbs and I said moderate exercise on the calculator. I actually run 3x's per week on average. 2 three mile runs and one long run once per week, about eight miles. I enjoy running but I'll be switching my cardio in July to prep for hiking. My last race will be in July.

My TDEE as calculated is 2824. I'm doing the reset. I've been eating my BMR for about 5 years consistently with no loss or gain. About 1820 or so. I've been more active than not in that time probably on the strenuous side, starving the whole time, and not losing weight. I have been trying to get my calorie up there but that's really scary so I'm working my way there nice and slow. I've been at 2200 for 8 weeks and just started eating 2500 for the last 2 weeks. I have gained and lost the same 4 lbs over this time so I'm figuring that's my +or- and I don't worry about it. I'm trying to trust the process.

Right now I want to focus on strength training and hitting the protein target. That part of the gym causes me stress inflicted by myself. I'm so lost but I know what to do. I just need to get out of my head and out of my way. On the food front, I went a bit hog with all the wonderful additional calories but didn't fit the macros. I think it's out of my system and I'm ready to put in that focus on the protein.

So I guess I just write my thoughts here and keep track of my numbers so I can see the data. I like data. Glad to have found this wonderful community.

RE: Anjacina's Journal - MaggieG123 - 03-23-2017 08:21 AM

Welcome! I think you'll find everyone here is very welcoming and helpful!

RE: Anjacina's Journal - kcmsmith0405 - 03-23-2017 09:57 AM

Welcome! Sounds like you are doing great so far. I am amazed by how much I can eat and not gain real weight I have a +3- lbs that is my +or- so I know what you mean there! Keep at it and keep us updated. Nothing I love more than reading other peoples stories and journeys.


RE: Anjacina's Journal - Tereza Toledo - 03-23-2017 10:43 AM

Anjacina, welcome! Looks like you have been doing great progress. First you tackled the calories, which is a very scary step to take and then you moved to protein (baby steps, change one thing of a time will give you the highest success rate). Also by increasing slowly you are helping your body avoid side effects from all the not eating enough from the past. Bravo!

Getting in the man cave can be scary, but trust me on this, once you make your way in, you will feel like you belong and will never look back! You will see strength and stamina gains from eating more.

As hard as it can be, ignore the scale. If you are using it, make sure it is only for data and information purposes, keep your focus on strength. You will need strength and energy for your upcoming hike, right?