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On vacation - Lydiamvt - 04-03-2017 04:45 PM

I'm going on vacation next week & will not be doing any weight training but lots of walking. Do I still eat my total calories even rhough I'm not burning the norm through exercise?

RE: On vacation - Tereza Toledo - 04-03-2017 04:57 PM

It is up to you. But I think you should take it as a break week and enjoy. Stick to your TDEE or you may even consider it as a break from logging as well. Either way, it will be fine. You won't be lifting, but will be moving a lot, so it will balance out. Make it as a rest week, your body and mind will love you for it wink

RE: On vacation - kcmsmith0405 - 04-04-2017 11:04 AM

I'm with Tereza - enjoy and rest! big grin