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This is my first day, so I'll post the.. - never2late1952 - 04-17-2018 12:12 PM

measurements I have taken. I haven't looked up the best way/areas to measure yet. I used to know, but I'm back here after a long timewink

Age: 65
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 133
Waist at Bellybutton (big grin) : 38"
Bust: 40"

I will look up on Em2wl other areas to measure like calves, hips. I just measure the areas I gain the most fat-stores which are stomach and around my back. Seems like us gals either get the most in our ass or in our middle. I'm the potato type, with skinny looking arms and legswink

Give me muscle, or is that Give me more, hooya! Been a fan of Mark Lauren's for awhile now too. I don't have my own equipment so he got me started with body-weight training. I've never progressed much, and I do love the machines (never got into the free weights, yet) at the gym I have only joined for a month, then quit, etc. etc.

I really should be brave and put up pictures so you gals know I need "work" rolling on the floor Sometimes our weight may look low, but people don't think if you look small, you need any help. I do though. Look forward to talking with other gals, Denise

RE: This is my first day, so I'll post the.. - Tereza Toledo - 04-18-2018 08:56 AM

Welcome , welcome! Never too late is a great handle, love it!

Great job taking the measurements and keeping muscle in mind. That one of the gpbiggest shifts. It’s not about too much fat, but about toolittle muscle!

For measurement tips, we do have an article on it that may give you some good ideas:http://eatmore2weighless.com/tips-on-measuring/