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rejoining my gym today - never2late1952 - 05-04-2018 02:26 PM

and want to find the basics of burning calories weight-training. I don't think you can track them from what I have read. But my main concern is to get enough to eat (macros) to build the muscle.

Here's my plan, just estimate of what machines, no free-weights yet:

Upper body machines, about 10 for different and some of the same muscles. I will get a list after I get there today.

3 sets 10 reps (the weight on all of these will be lowest, like 10 lbs I am thinking.

Also, I'll do about 15 minutes of warm up on a treadmill which I know will give me a calorie count using my Polar Ft4.

Aside from all that, I realize I just need to be pointed to some articles here, on how to log in my diary at MFP. Sometimes I think the diary actually throws me. The best I've ever done was when I didn't keep track of cals, I just ate balanced meals, drank a lot of water (well about 8 oz, 8 times a day).

Anyway just need to find a good article on how to track the weight-training/nutrition. I'm in kind of a hurry so didn't really present this post very well, but appreciate your help, and especially, what to read here on em2wlwink Denise PS I'm 5'2", 133, and 65. Pretty good muscle "tone" but have the fat that shows mostly around my mid-section. I'll put in a pic. Ick, LOL!! Can't find it, I'll be back. Hope someone is around todayhappy

RE: rejoining my gym today - Tereza Toledo - 05-05-2018 08:54 AM

Denise, having a plan makes a huge difference in your journey.

We have a lots of articles talking about all the you mentioned, but I’ll add a few links so you can read without feeling overwhelmed.

First, I’d highly suggest that you take a look at Eat More 2 Weight Less Upper/Lower free workout:

Then about how heavy is heavy Lifting: http://training.eatmore2weighless.com/get-your-free-workout/?utm_campaign=free+workout


And about food logging: http://eatmore2weighless.com/tracking-food/

Logging strength training calories may be a bit trick, specially because the monitors don’t count the afterburn effect that lifting has. Keep in my that in the end, those are estimates.