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new to the forum - momofboys - 05-22-2013 09:40 PM

Hello, just wanted to introduce myself. Found your site through an article posted about metabolism reset on another website. In short, I have been lifting heavy since March, started out lifting and doing low carb eating, well been low carb eating for years, hit a stall for a whole year. Started eating TDEE (or what I thought was my TDEE) about 4 weeks ago. This last week invested in a fitbit and found out that I am still under eating LOL. I am 5'10" 39 years old 205. I started 4 weeks ago at 206 and my weight goes as high as 210 and back down to 203, up down and all over in those weeks. I was eating on average 2800-2900, got a fitbit and realized I am burning about 3400 on average....rolling eyesthinking So are those first 4 weeks for naught? My plan was to do the full reset and then cut 10% or maybe not. I don't know. I have lost inches and been taking pics along the way. I have read through most of the things on the site as well as the get started guide. I lift 4 days a week and sometimes crossfit/HIIT train 2-3x in those same 4 days. My lifting sessions are about 45-60 minutes, plus I walk the dog every day 2 miles and I have small 3 boys I run after, just a little more backround.

RE: new to the forum - Kiki - 05-23-2013 08:36 PM

Hey and welcome! big grin

I wouldn't say that the first 4 weeks were for nothing. You did still increase cals, after all wink

Many people go slower through the increases anyway, just to give their mind and body time to adjust, so it's still great that you were eating what you thought was enough, and still more than previously.

I'd go ahead and start bumping the cals up a bit more and heading toward true TDEE. The rest will depend on how your body responds to the next level of increase happy

Trust that the longer time you give it, the better. Rushing (as you've likely seen if you've read around enough) is the classic force behind those who struggle in the following phases.

Take the time, fuel your body, you'll love the way that it rewards you for it in the long run wink

RE: new to the forum - momofboys - 05-23-2013 09:18 PM

Thanks Kiki!! This is true, I thought about what I wrote after I wrote it and that sounded stupid, of course it wasn't for naught LOL. I was thinking more of it interfering with me wanting to cut 10% at the 8 week mark but I also realize that was kind of silly too. I will let my body do what it needs too. I am enjoying all the extra food though. Today I actually felt lean after eating 3300 cals the day before!! I will definitely be keeping you all informed as I progress....slow and steady wins the race!!

RE: new to the forum - Kiwimum499 - 05-26-2013 03:06 PM

Hi welcome too. I also a fitbit user and love it. If you are on mfp too feel free to add me happy

You sound like you have this sorted. I'm sure the mental part is the hardest, eating and exercise is the easiest.