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Running distance? - Dipitie - 07-30-2013 03:55 PM

Due to the lack of recent posts on this forum and the fact that long cardio sessions don't support the EM2WL philosophy. However, I am a runner and I like to run. I enjoy completing distance races too, so I'm not a 30 minutes and done kind of runner.

If anyone has had success with EM2WL while training for distances longer than 10K, please respond! I am currently figuring it all out, starting a reset this coming weekend, and trying to figure out how to balance my life with this weight loss stuff. Thanks!

RE: Running distance? - Kiki - 07-31-2013 06:23 PM


We have all sorts of runners! Some that don't, lol (like me!not talking ), some that dabble, and some that are crazy about it and could never give it up! lovestruck

We support doing what you love. We simply help you to understand if/how it fits in the grand scheme. So your goals are what matters most.

Most people that fit into the "I'll never quit running" category, pretty much understand that the endurance for their marathons/5k/10k, etc comes first...EVEN at the expense of their physiques. We just have to remember that building muscle and building endurance are two opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to how your body does each. So whichever we are doing the MOST of, typically gets "dibs" on the body's adaptation principles raised eyebrows

Just something to consider if building muscle is a concern (if it's not, then you're all good!)

Those that want the physique AND the runs, understand that there's a season for everything. A season to build muscle, and a season to build endurance. And they understand that attempting to do them simultaneously can be a bit like spinning your wheels. Also, when it comes to longer distance and cardio, we have to be mindful of our body adapting and becoming more efficient. When this happens we find that we are doing the same amount of work, but burning less cals. This means that the amount that we are currently eating, may one day be too much, even though we are putting forth the same amount of activity wink

More on that here:

Here are a few examples on the site of EM2WL runners:

But either way, YES, EM2WL is great for runners, because running is activity, and firmly believe in fueling for activity. You will notice that you have TONS more energy for your runs and will enjoy them immensely. Fueling your body is a beautiful thing.

RE: Running distance? - Kiki - 07-31-2013 06:28 PM

If you keep an eye on the site, we do have another EM2WL marathon runner who has been rumored to send in her success story soon...You'll DEF wanna read her story. I'll keep you in mind when it comes in and let you know wink