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no timeframe
12-06-2014, 12:42 PM (This post was last modified: 12-06-2014 12:42 PM by LikeAGirl.)
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RE: no timeframe
Morning Ally,

I promise you won't end up at 450 tons. If you are barely starting to eat at your TDEE, you are no where near the calorie consumption it would take to make it there wink

I think we all go through the mental process you are going through right now. Back and forth on if you are making the right decision. After all, it is just another thing that you found on the internet that is telling you the right way to eat to be healthy. And all the other diet gimmicks try to sell the same thing. Somewhere in the back of your mind though, you know this one makes more sense, or you wouldn't be willing to gain up to 450 tons to see if helps heal your body happy

It's posted all over the forums by a large number of members, but it is always worth repeating. It's worth it. Eating more is better. And you will be amazed at your mental shift when you finally get to that "spot". I started this over 16 months ago. I'm still going. Still working at fixing my body. I had other factors that didn't just make it a simple "metabolism fix", but my mental process during the whole experience is TONS different than it has ever been before. I'm okay with still being a little above my preferred weight. I'm okay with taking a break from cutting to eat at full TDEE when I start to feel a little run down or fatigued. I'm okay with skipping workouts because I just know that my body needs a break. I'm not okay with eating anything less than 1800 calories which would have been my max amount before, not my min.

Keep reading the forums. Ask questions if you need to. And just work on getting your calories. You'll find your sweet spot and it will all be ok. And you won't be any where near 450 Tons. Promise happy

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