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The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step -- Lao Tzu
06-22-2016, 06:54 AM
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RE: The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step -- Lao Tzu
LOL at the blissfully unaware hubby!

You don't want to get too, too wrapped up in the numbers, because there are just so many variables that it is hard to determine what is going to happen with each and every increase. That is why I suggested just increasing slowly, monitoring your weight(s) and adjusting as necessary.

The thing to remember is that you are most likely dealing with suppressed metabolisms. Ones that have been slowed down by long term low cal dieting (especially hubby, who is still eating significantly below his BMR). We suggest making the increases slowly to your TDEE to allow the body to adapt and adjust *upwards*, much in the same way that it adapted *downwards* with the low cal dieting. As you have most likely seen (if you are weighing in every day - for the sake of data collection only :-) your weights can fluctuate fairly significantly from day to day. After your intake increases you may see a one or two pound jump on the scale, followed by a gradual trend downwards over the next few days to week (as the body adjusts). Sometimes this downward trend back to where you started takes a few days, sometimes it may take a week, and sometimes it may take 2 or 3 weeks, I just normally recommend that people wait until their weight has either trended back down or is at least fairly stable before making any further increases (simply to keep the discouraging gains to a minimum).

Generally, it seems like once one starts getting closer and closer to their TDEE it may take longer for their weight to stabilize or trend back down. I remember when I did my reset I spent a couple of months at like 1900 before I felt comfortable making further increases (my TDEE is right around 2100).

Mind you, some people can sail through the entire reset process and see no significant gains, and the lucky ones will even see a loss as their bodies react in a very positive manner to the additional calories. It really is all so individual. So as you get closer and closer to your TDEE just start looking for a long, slow creep upwards on the scale which does not stop or stabilize. This will mean that you have, in fact, surpassed your *current* TDEE. We are not looking at those day to day fluctuations, but instead a long slow gain. In any case, once this starts happening no harm has been done, you just know that you need to dial it back by 100 calories or so and let the body stabilize again. When you get your new phone (yay!!) look for an app called Happy Scale. It tracks long term trends and weeds out the daily fluctuations that confuse the situation - it's an awesome tool!

You are doing great, just keep up the slow, steady consistent work.

One thing I want to throw out there is that you may want to eventually clue hubby in to what is happening "behind the curtain"... As you can see, so much of this journey is mental and some people struggle with the mental side more than others. Maybe once you get him up to at least his BMR you might want to let him know so that he can begin his "mental journey" as well..

Anitra Soto
Team EM2WL
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