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Asking for your experience with my situation...
11-27-2016, 11:50 PM
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RE: Asking for your experience with my situation...
Daphne is right about rereading what you said about your dieting career. you just described the whole process of how we end up damaging our metabolism. It's hard to explain how it goes to someone who never really dieted more than once, but you went through it and that's exactly how it happens over time. Add in some life changing situations and instead of having extra 4 pounds, you could easily have extra 50 lbs or more.

The weight gain that happens during a metabolism reset is actually the gain that one would eventually gain on the scale just by yo-yo dieting, restricting and bingeing. what causes the gain is not the reset, but the damage done by multiple very low calorie diets done in the past. what can be controlled during a reset is what kind of gain happens. By increasing protein intake and adding resistance training (body weight and or bands are great starters) we are doing all that we can for the gain to be in the form of lean mass (muscle, bone tissue, ligaments, tendons) that was lost during the past diets. that in itself will cause your body to look different and in many cases smaller, even though heavier.

Like Maggie said, maybe you are not ready. EM2WL does not offer a diet, a quick fix, something that you do for a while, quit, come back when you need. It actually is a lifestyle. I's a way of life that can free you from the old dieting mentality, improve your body and mind, allows you to live your life and spend time with loved ones without obsessing about calorie intake (unless when it is to make sure you eat all your calories), working out every morsel you eat or coming up with ways to make the scale to read a lower number. And if you are not ready, that's ok, because, honestly, I know how different this mindset is from all that we learned before.

Can a cut be successfully done after a reset? Of course! And the proof that it works is how bodybuilders get ready for competitions: the eat in a surplus (except that they surpass TDEE) while lifting to gain muscle mass (they gain so fat along, that's for sure) and then they cut (a deficit a little below TDEE) to lose the extra fat and reveal the muscle. That is done many times until the reach the chiseled look they have, men and women alike. Interesting that the biggest competitors are older, which shows how long it took for them to reach that look.

Often times, EM2WLers realize that they are not after a number on the scale anymore, but a certain look and shape. I am one of them. Years ago I wanted a certain number/clothes size that would bring me back to the way I looked years before. Well, that number changed and I ended up on a different scale number, but with measurements and a self confidence that I never imagined could exist. Thanksgiving was great, I enjoyed the foods I liked, spent time lounging and hanging out with my family, without one single thought that I needed to "pay" for the calories I ate.

I know your head is spinning right now and you have been reading the success/journey stories. I'd also recommend the interviews with former figure competitors:

Click through the pins to reach the full posts. There are other interviews and articles on our pinterest that may help you understand better the EM2WL movement.

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