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my reset journey
11-19-2014, 07:24 PM
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RE: my reset journey
I want to do everything too, so I emphathize there. I do think you can do both but its tricky; I think you have to play with workout timing and eating timing a bit more than you otherwise would, and that seems like a lot of work and planning. And you definitely need to eat a lot more to counteract the cardio. Then there is the aspect of time, period, like mrsukyankee says - only so many hours in a day and you need recovery time. I don't have great experience as now that the weather is cooler where I live I'm running more, but I am limiting my runs to 1 long run a week and doing 1 or 2 easy, short runs (usually only 1) just to keep the tendons and ligaments acclimated to pounding the pavement. My advice would be if you are going for aesthetics, limit the running and increase your workout time hitting the weights.
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11-21-2014, 12:31 PM
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RE: my reset journey
Thanks Emma happy

Im all about decreasing the running until my running partner mentions a race... and then i get all crazy and excited. then after saying "yes" i think, damn do i really wanna do this? BUT I CANNOT SAY
however, i do hate running in the cold so maybe after the marathon (which is coming up Dec 6th!!!!!!) i should take a little break and focus on lifting. Breaking the news to my running partner may be difficult.. lol. But im thinking maybe this would be a good time to do speed work a few times/week and leave out the long runs. I need to just come up with a plan and stick to it.
I realized this morning that i probably need to weigh on fridays because i am back to the same weight i was at last friday. so after my long run tomorrow i know i can expect some bloating sunday and monday and by next friday my weight will be back down. im going to hydrate really well tonight and maybe even include a little more sodium than normal (mrsukyankee happy ) and see how that works. Im also going to experiment with using some BCAAs during my run and see how that works out.
So the marathon and my current weight training program kinda end around the same time. I need to do something new with weight training, I just havent decided what yet. been thinking about NROLFW. anyone know the difference between that one and the NROL?
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11-22-2014, 12:04 PM
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RE: my reset journey
I did NROLFW and am a big fan. It was my first foray into lifting. I haven't picked up NROL so can't answer you for sure, but I think its probably similar. I think they authors did the FW version to just specifically appeal to the female audience who might otherwise think the NROL version will turn them into she-hulks. I also heard good things about NROLSupercharged.
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11-22-2014, 10:10 PM
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RE: my reset journey
Have you seem EM2WL's Beginner Strength Training Guide? It is a periodized program designed to maximize your strength goals....

"Team EM2WL has spent the better part of the year putting together a comprehensive manual that breaks down the questions we get most often. EM2WL’s Beginner Strength Training Manual is finally finished! We would love to be able to (and we try!) to answer as many questions personally as we can, but obviously we can't always do that... so this eBook has been developed to answer many of the most commonly asked questions.

It can be totally overwhelming! And not just for newbies, but for people who've been lifting 2, 3, even 4 years. (Most clients, who would be considered to be vets, have had questions about many of the topics we address in this book.) To make the journey less confusing, we've condensed your top questions (those you ask, and some that you may be scared to!) into this easy-to-read manual.

Are you lifting (or thinking about it), but still confused about:

~ what rep ranges to use/when

~ whether you should work full body or body-part split

~ compound vs isolation exercises

~ different "phases," & how they relate to your goals

~ how to eat for your goals

~ how to transition your workouts from beginner-advanced

~ when to expect results (aka "how long before I look like a fitness model?") etc...

It also includes a 12-week workout plan, access to a *bonus* private area with video demonstrations of each exercise, & a place for any other questions you have along your journey. This will be THE tool you need help you rock out your journey with confidence. "

For more info, or to get started today (instant download/instant access to bonus area) go to

Anitra Soto
Team EM2WL
ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer
ISSA Certified Specialist in Senior Fitness

My EM2WL Journey:
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11-24-2014, 11:35 PM
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RE: my reset journey
Well I have not been as bloated as usual after this run... I said I was gonna hydrate better the night before but I don't think I did anything different on that front. The only thing I KNOW that I did differently was that I ran with BCAAs in one of my water bottles. And I drank a protein shake IMMEDIATELY after I was done. Could either of these have been the difference?
Some days I really suck at logging my food. Other times I've got it totally nailed. In the last week I've averaged around 2100 calories. I've really tried to make my main focus on getting in protein. I aim for >100g and i feel like I accomplished something if I go over. I'm also trying to focus on keeping my macros at 40/30/30... That part is sometimes tricky but I've done pretty good. I still get discouraged... I compared some pics from sept (right before I started) to now and there is clearly a difference. I can see the weight I've put on, but I'm not sure anyone else would notice unless they were looking at the pictures. I only see it in my belly. But... I know I'm doing the right thing. I'd likely be gaining weight anyway if I were eating less and I would definitely be more stressed and anxious. I can accept the time it's going to take for me to reset my metabolism. I didn't screw it up overnight.
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11-25-2014, 02:48 PM
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RE: my reset journey
Good on you for the positive attitude. I think you'll do fabulously!
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12-03-2014, 05:42 PM
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RE: my reset journey
OMG marathon week!!!!!!!! my marathon is saturday!!!!! getting nervous/excited. trying to focus on EATING and kinda taking it easy with workouts this week.
I've been watching a lot of kiki's youtube videos and OMG i wish i had watched them sooner! whenever i start getting bummed out and feeling like im not making progress I read or listen to some of those videos in my car. very inspiring.
the batteries on my scale went dead a few days ago and im not entirely sure if i want to replace them. that stupid scale can ruin my day sometimes. but.... then i wonder... do i need it for monitoring purposes while im still finding my TDEE? i still struggle sometimes with getting more than 2000calories in a day. Especially if i havent "earned" it with exercise. i know this is disordered thinking and im trying not to listen. on those days i try to at least make myself drink a protein shake.
and speakiing of TDEE.... i want to do this the right way... i dont want to try to take any shortcuts...but how am i going to know when im ready to cut? i dont feel like i am ready yet but i get nervous bc obviously my goal is weight loss. muscle gain. UUUGGGGHHHH sometimes i just wish the voices in my head would stop arguing!!
wow... total ramble.... happy
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12-04-2014, 07:51 AM
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RE: my reset journey
Buy a new scale. You need to know how high your TDEE is and the best way to know is if you are consistently gaining weight. I did that and was able to go up to 2450 before I started to gain - and that's because I lowered my exercise. I'm consistently eating 2300 now and it's great. Some days I go a bit over, some under - but it's averaging 2300. Remember - TDEE fits in your exercise calories throughout the week - otherwise you'd have some days of very high calorie (above TDEE) and some below. Eating at TDEE is NOT BAD even when you haven't exercised that day. Your body NEEDS rest days and the fuel is helping your muscles to recover.

Remember - food is NOT the enemy. It is fuel that helps you live and weight train and run. And eating to fuel all that is GOOD. Under-eating is bad because you are telling your body that you don't care about it enough.
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12-04-2014, 12:50 PM
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RE: my reset journey
I agree. Buy a new scale to monitor your TDEE progress. To answer your "when are you ready to cut" question: if you are frantically counting the moments until you can cut, you are not ready to cut. Your weight needs to stabilize at TDEE, you need to sit there for awhile and get used to it, and then you'll just kind of know when you are ready - and many people here really don't want to because they are used to the increased calories. So short ironic answer, when you don't want to cut you are ready to cut happy
Good luck on saturday!
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12-04-2014, 04:15 PM
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RE: my reset journey
(12-03-2014 05:42 PM)wannabeabeast Wrote:  I've been watching a lot of kiki's youtube videos and OMG i wish i had watched them sooner! whenever i start getting bummed out and feeling like im not making progress I read or listen to some of those videos in my car. very inspiring.


Awww, thanks! I was sitting here editing the latest ramble and asking myself if the vids were worth the effort ramblingd'oh

So thanks for the encouragement to hit "publish" LOL.

Congrats on your marathon, have a blast (and be sure to get in those carbs to replenish wink )

As for the voices in your head, lol...I totally relate. But trust me...focusing on one at a time is key. Even if it seems like it'll take longer, it actually takes less time than trying to accomplish 4 things at once (and net effect...nothing laughing )

Kiki (aka rambling )
My MFP Diary

Looking for me? Follow the chocolate trail cool ....
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