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A few reset questions..
02-14-2014, 08:05 PM
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A few reset questions..
Just came upon this idea last week, after metabolic testing with a dietitian revealed my RMR to be (without activity) 1100. If I work out 5/6 days week, I could eat 1500/day (um, my BMR is supposed to be around there!)

And I'm 5'10", 179, with no previous health issues.

Yeah... that's not right. I lost 60 pounds from Aug 2012-May 2013 by eating a deficit/lots of cardio. Starving all the time. Can't recover from workouts like I used to, grumpy, obsessed with food, unable to lose any more weight. And I'm supposed to eat 1100 calories a day the rest of my life if I don't work out? Not going to happen.

Anyway, a few questions..

After reset, should my macros stay the same? (i.e. should I still be at 40/30/30 and eating a crap ton of protein?)

Is it beneficial to slowly increase (say 200 daily cals/week) up to TDEE vs. jumping straight there?

I was very happy with my weight loss... new clothes, new body, etc. but not so much the sustainability of the result. I THOUGHT I did it the right way, I didn't follow any "gimmicks" or any crazy plans, I didn't restrict any food groups, I still had dessert sometimes. But looking at my numbers now, I've averaged eating around my BMR for the past year or so (while working out 6-7 days a week).
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02-15-2014, 01:58 PM
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RE: A few reset questions..
Hi There,
Great job realizing thats no way to live!!
Yes, your macros would stay the same, The main macro is protein! Hit that even if the others are over/under.
And as far as raising to TDEE, Some try adding calories slowly, others jump right in!! That depends on you! But I would say that adding only an extra 50 to 100 calories per DAY is also a great way to increase calories slowly. This can also ward of the any massive gains that may come from shocking the body with to much food too quickly. Stay consistent, once your body is used to the extra calories, that stuffed feeling will go away.
Were so glad you are here!

Happy eating!

Be yourself. Everyone else is taken! kiss
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02-24-2014, 08:32 AM (This post was last modified: 02-24-2014 08:35 AM by jleye27.)
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RE: A few reset questions..
OK, not really a problem, but more of a curiosity... I'm starting week 4. I gained 5 pounds of water weight in the first week (expected), and have been eating at or slightly above TDEE for the past 2 weeks (added 200 the first week, 200 the second week, then up to TDEE - and I was a little bad). I also added a lifting day and cut a cardio day (and bumped the lifting weight).

The results? I lost the 5 pounds. I expected to GAIN. I'm certainly not complaining about losing weight when I expected to gain, but is that normal? I'm still doing it right, right? It seems too good to be true. happy Should I be eating MORE if I'm losing?
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