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Grumpy & Tired?
03-04-2014, 05:28 PM
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Grumpy & Tired?
When I began losing weight 2 months ago, I was stuck in the crash-dieting mindset. I was eating well below my BMR & dropped 23lbs. I am interested in a lifestyle change, though - not just a "quick fix" so after doing some research I am now on the EM2WL / TDEE-% path. My stats are as follows:

Age: 25 Sex: Female
SW: 198 (01/03/14)
CW: 175
Activity: Light
BMR: 1500 (+300)
TDEE: 2075 (+300)
TDEE -20%: 1650 (+300)

+300 is due to BFing my 12mo son.

The thing is, it seems that since beginning to increase my calories (only a couple days ago) I am feeling grumpy & more tired... which are things I normally associate with decreasing calories, not increasing them! I am back up to my BMR for this week, but not yet to my TDEE. I am increasing gradually to hopefully avoid some of the bloat associated w/ a reset. I am also watching my macros & while I do tend to go over on carbs, I am getting much better at meeting my protein & fat goals. I drink PLENTY of water, too!

Am I feeling this way because my metabolism is resetting?
Is it a delayed reaction to my calories being too low before?
Is this normal??

I have a busy toddler who done not appreciate tired mommy...
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