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EM2WL sounds good to me!
04-18-2014, 03:39 PM
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EM2WL sounds good to me!
Hi! My name is Carol, and I’m so interested in EM2WL. I have lost 126 pound (was 144, but I’ve recently gained a bit) since January 2012. I lost about 55 pounds on low carb, then stalled. I started researching, found intermittent fasting and started doing Alternate Day Fasting/JUDDD, and lost another 90 pounds. I’ve been very happy with ADF because there are a ton of health benefits and (researchers believe) longevity increasing changes that occur. Plus, I haven’t had that restriction mindset, not having to “diet” every single day. I only have to wait for the next day to eat great foods.

As expected, as I lost more and more weight, I had to reduce my calories down further and further, and then I stalled again. I ate 500 one day and 1800 the next for a few months with no losses. I got frustrated, and I was feeling deprived EVERY day at those levels. I have a healthy appetite, and love good food. I wanted to be able to eat more on my up days. Major diet fatigue! So I started researching again. I realized that eating 500/1800, I was only getting an average of 1150 daily calories, and suddenly thought, “That’s way too low!”

I was so frustrated, and just quit doing any restriction for a week or so. It wasn’t pretty. Junk food, lots of it, late at night. Then I knew I had to take control back, but wasn’t ready to restrict or count calories, so I did a low carb break. I ate however much I wanted to, just LC for a little over a month. That’s when I gained the 18 pounds. Totally worth it to get that mental break, and get my head back together.

To justify all this additional eating, I was exploring lifting heavy and started doing some super slow moves with 8 pound weights and resistance bands. I know 8 pounds isn’t heavy, but doing it super slow got me to muscle failure in less than 10 reps. Now it doesn’t (I’m getting stronger – yay!). Just this week I’ve started the You Are Your Own Gym bodyweight workouts, and will stick with this, doing 3 workouts per week and building up my strength progressively.

Now, after that long background story rambling …here’s my question:

I’ve re-started ADF/JUDDD again, allowing myself to eat more calories, especially on my up days. But I’m wondering about the calorie levels. I had a BodPod test done in late February at a weight of 176.5 (I’m now 192.5). The results showed
71.1 lbs of body fat (39.8%),
107.9 lbs of lean tissue (60.2%)
RMR - 1,394
TDEE at “low active” - 2,119. If I look at “active” it is 2,426

So, since I’m eating ADF and around 600-700 calories on DDs, does that mean to cut I should be eating around 2900 calories on up days?

My math:
2119 TDEE at -15% cut = 1801, x 2 = 3602, - 700 on down days = 2902.

Seems like a lot (oh, I can do it, trust me!), but I don’t want to continue to not allow my body the calories it needs for fat loss and body recomp. I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Thank you so much for your wonderful site, and helping us to realize we are starving ourselves!
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04-21-2014, 09:25 PM
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RE: EM2WL sounds good to me!
Hi Carol
Im sorry i missed your post and are just now getting back to you! Welcome to the family!

Thanks for the back ground info! Im not familiar with ADF, or DD. So bear with me. So,you will be eating 600-700 only for every other day? Just to remind you, EM2WL is all about balance, no fad diets, not depriving calories on any day for any length of time. Why? Because these types of diet are short term. Thats why your progress has stalled. Diets are not made to stay on for long periods of time. EM2WL is for life.

So I would advise you to eat your cut of 10% everyday consistently. Work your way up to that amount by 100 calories per day. Continue to work on heavy FOR YOU lifting and keep increasing the weights! Slow and steady is the healthier way to the body you want. You can do it!!

Take some time read some of the success stories here, if you haven't already!

Be yourself. Everyone else is taken! kiss
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04-22-2014, 05:36 AM (This post was last modified: 04-22-2014 05:38 AM by AnitraSoto.)
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RE: EM2WL sounds good to me!
Welcome and congrats on your weight loss to date - 126 pounds is fabulous!! Also, another apology for the late response - busy holiday weekend!

I would have to agree with Joan, in that I would recommend going to a consistent calorie goal, rather than the Alternate Day Fasting (or any other fad diet)... I honestly know nothing about the possible medical benefits, but as you can see, you ended up having to reduce your calories in order to continue to lose weight until you finally plateaued. ***Remember: any weight loss plan which did not result in maintainable success was not truly a success. ***

To me, those calorie swings sound so dramatic that your body may be seeing them as deprivation/binge cycles. Personally, I would just go to a 10 or 15% cut and eat there consistently. Are you just re-starting after that break where you "pretty much ate whatever you want"? If so, you can probably just go right to that 10 or 15% cut.

What does your exercise schedule look like? What some people do is that they eat slightly more on their workout days than on their active recovery days (simply because they are more hungry on those days). They still average their calories out over the week to equal their "cut" number, but the swings are not as dramatic as with the ADF.

I truly think that if you keep your calories more consistent, you will be full, content, well-fueled for your workouts and not suffer from "diet burnout" again. Your body will probably appreciate knowing that it will receive consistent fuel as well...

Anitra Soto
Team EM2WL
ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer
ISSA Certified Specialist in Senior Fitness

My EM2WL Journey:
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04-22-2014, 11:30 AM
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RE: EM2WL sounds good to me!
Thank you both, Joan and Anitra, for your responses. I do think I'm ready to begin cutting, since I've been eating whatever I wanted on some days, and other days being more conscious about eating calories, but better calories.

I understand your not recommending the ADF, not being familiar with it, and having great results doing what you do. I have come to really appreciate the rhythm of ADF, and have indeed experienced great health benefits from it, so I will continue doing it, although maybe with not such low down days. I will most definitely eat more on the days I'm working out. I can feel that I need more on those days - my body is telling me. I'm having to learn to listen to it in a whole lot of different ways, and I love that! I'll make sure my average daily calories is my cut number, and see what happens.

Thanks again! I look forward to reading more and more here on the forums and on the website/blog.
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