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Dark side of competitions
08-14-2014, 06:30 PM
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Sad Dark side of competitions
My name is Odalys I am a certified personal Trainer And Nutritionist
My fitness career unfolds into an unplanned journey of mental commitment; In fact I was that typical girl, the “yo-yo” dieter. The girl who just wanted to be “SKINNY”. Fit was not something I really strived for, nor looked forward to. I was the chunky girl in my family, the one people would pick on just because I loved food! I still love food, so that has not changed, but my path in fitness definitely has changed
So as far as all those diets out there like the Atkins diet, or maybe high carb low fat, or maybe the diet where I would only eat 2 meals all day (oh my goodness). Or even worse the liquid diet; yes I’ve tried them all and they DON’T work! Unless you are trying to get fast results and don’t really care about long-term results and your overall wellbeing.
I am blessed with my baby girl Azaylie whom is now 2 years old, born on November 25th, 2010. Wow I didn’t expect this little girl to open my eyes into caring so much about health and fitness. I not only wanted to lose all the baby weight, but I really wanted to be a role model for her. I wanted to love myself even more and to show her that beauty comes from being healthy. This drove me into becoming a certified personal trainer and a nutritionist because I really wanted to learn so much more. I love being a trainer to not only motivate myself but to motivate those whom feel lost or feel like they are stuck or maybe just need some type of change. Having a trainer definitely is a sacrifice, but it’s one that is well worth it! Especially if you’re serious about fitness, health, and change and over all learning, then a personal trainer is right for you. As a mentor I build relationships with my clients so they can always count on me to help guide them and help them not give up on their goals. This is why I took it to the next level and got into competing in figure competitions. My coach who is a great friend to me also really inspired me and had faith in me and told me I should really consider it because it would be perfect for me, and guess he was right. It is my new passion and makes me a better person in every aspect in my life, especially as a trainer.
Being a personal trainer motivated me into being a figure competitor to show my clients and my daughter that if you put your heart into something you can succeed. I have now won two shows within my first year competing. I then competed at a national show to try and win my pro card but unfortunately I got 10th place competing against hundreds of women. Although in my class there were over 30 women whom competed; I got 2nd call out which isn’t obviously what I wanted but it will make me wiser and more determined for my next show.
But now comes the dark side! I have been going crazy after competing this is my 3rd comp. I could not figure what was wrong with me! Went to see Dr and my sugar is 45mg crazy low IM LIKE WHAT!!!!!! how could this be I always eat carbs. But after reading the EM2WL article I figured that hello I should have known this! After competition we want to stay looking lean if not we feel like a failure…. well thats how I feel, I don't want to let my clients down nor many whom admire me or follow me, especially my daughter! So I keep my body at a deficit but never not having carbs just not enough, but I EAT! Yet guess not enough... after 2 or 3 days I go CRAZY! n binge binge binge n its disgusting and I finally fought my obsession with food right after giving birth so why can't I control myself now? Its insane! I hate the relationship mentally that I have impacted so negatively on myself and built. After eating something "normal" I feel ashamed and I know that will take time to adjust to. But now I am starting the TDEE caloric intake and after that for 4 weeks I will slowly try to do a deficit.
I still love competing but I want to figure a way to not have to go crazy and have this dark side creep up. I was at 9% BF still eating my fav. foods and had crazy energy! All that after having my daughter, but now its hard to re adjust to my old norm. But I also want to figure ways out, I love COOKING and making recipes you can check my instagram (figurechicdaly) or facebook (odalys ferreira). Also not sleeping enough and over exercising messes any one up to crave more! But its just so scary to deprive you're body and doing competitions are showing its true colors or is there another way? Any advice or thoughts please share.
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08-14-2014, 07:26 PM (This post was last modified: 08-14-2014 07:30 PM by jaeone.)
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RE: Dark side of competitions
Hi Odalys, thanks for sharing your story.
The profession you are in is tough, mentally and physically! I think if you chose to stick with competing, it would need to be for a very, very short window with in the year. A couple of shows very close together, and then back to reality! Its impossible, in a healthy way, to keep your body in that "stage ready" state/shape over a long period of time. Few competitors understand and accept that "hey, this look is for show only, I cant look like this year round and I cant do this long term"
Read a couple of the interviews we had with former fitness competitors:

I hope these help!

Be yourself. Everyone else is taken! kiss
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08-14-2014, 09:03 PM
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RE: Dark side of competitions
Hi Jaeone, I def agree with articles you posted. Thats why I am now fueling in and resetting my metabolism, I won't lie I miss my 8% body but its okay health comes first and I KNOW I can find a way to do this correctly because I got lean doing it healthy before competing. Once I figure it out completely I will definitely help those whom seek it. I love working out and I love food and they go hand and hand its just about letting go at times but being creative with clean foods (which if you love recipes look mine up I make gooooood clean foods). As well I agree with you I need to accept on stage and off stage looks :-)
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