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can this be done without working out?
12-30-2014, 08:43 AM
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can this be done without working out?
Hello - I have been reading about em2wl for a few weeks and decided this would be worth trying. However, my story is a little complicated: I'm 5'8 147 pounds female at 41, for 2-3 years ago I was able to do crossfit type exercises every day plus lifting. I got very thin at only 110, I felt I ate a lot but I was only eating 1200-1400 a day and ate strict vegan. So what happened? I have an immune deficiency that get worse with age and I got sick very sick, caught everything and on top of daily antibiotics I am on average getting additional antibiotics every month, plus monthly infusions to boost my immune system. I have developed fibromyalgia type pain and I am unable to walk unsupported due to balance issues. Currently I can't work and mostly sleep due to extreme exhaustion. But I do everything that I can to get better and I think loosing some weight would help. I obviously can't workout so I have raised my calories to 1730 according to what my tdee should be for sedentary. Can I do this without working out and do I slowly increase my calories until I start gaining? And after that happens do I stay on that level for 8 weeks before I reduce it?

Thanks for reading all of this
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12-30-2014, 08:58 PM
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RE: can this be done without working out?

First of all, as you seem to have serious conditions going on in there, you should get professional opinion. But in the hospital, technically, a dietician would try and get you to eat at least your TDEE which makes all sense. To be honest, until you get some energy back, I personally wouldn't think of eating less than TDEE at all. Losing weight at this moment should be the least of your concerns I think. Eating well, though, that's another totally different matter as it reduces stress levels.

In any case, are you being followed at all by a doctor/expert? They do advise light exercise for fibromyalgia. Swimming in a pool of warm water should even help with the pain, or so I read.

This works with or without exercise. Because your TDEE changes according to your exercise levels, you shouldn't gain weight if you eat at your sedentary TDEE. It just doesn't really help you get the leaner/stronger look some of us are looking. And it probably means you'd have to weigh less than some people to achieve approximately the same proportions, as your muscles are smaller and consuming less energy.

That said you can play around that TDEE number if you want, but technically that should be it.
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12-30-2014, 09:55 PM
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RE: can this be done without working out?
Thank you for your reply. I agree that weight loss for the sake of looking good is not what I'm going for but rather to feel good - maybe less strain on my joints since I really have very little muscles. I'm not in the hospital only one time a month and I do have an amazing immuniologist. I am terrified of water so swimming would probably not happen. I have noticed in the week that I have eaten more my choices are much healthier and I don't seem to grab the candy jar because I'm exhausted and "need" something. I'm hoping by eating better it will eventually make me feel better and that can only lead to good things.
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12-31-2014, 10:56 AM
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RE: can this be done without working out?
Welcome! So glad you are here, and more importantly that you have a great immunologist following you. To answer your question, yes you can definitely do this without working out... Obviously, exercise and physical activity are key to a healthy lifestyle, but at the current time, pain and balance issues will keep you from doing that, so it is good that you are under the care of a doctor. Perhaps, once your body starts getting the fuel it needs you will start feeling better and begin to be able to add some activity.

Personally, I would increase your calories slowly. Add maybe 100 calories to your intake and maintain at that level for a week or so prior to increasing another 100 or so the following week. Increasing slowly like this will give your body (and mind) time to acclimate & adjust, and doing it this way may minimize the gains so many see when they bump their calories up quickly. There is certainly no rush in hopping right up to your TDEE right now, so personally, I would take your time getting there. I would put weight loss goals on the back burner for right now, and just concentrate on giving your body the fuel it needs to repair and heal...

Great job making some healthier food choices - your body definitely needs some high quality fuel, especially with what you are going through heath-wise.

Please keep us updated, and know that we are here for support along the way...

Anitra Soto
Team EM2WL
ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer
ISSA Certified Specialist in Senior Fitness

My EM2WL Journey:
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