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Noob mama with lots to lose and hashimotos
02-03-2015, 04:00 AM
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Noob mama with lots to lose and hashimotos
Super excited to be here! B) I wish I knew about this program before I further damaged my metabolism (low cal dieting then low carb dieting via paleo/primal). Here's a little background...

I'm a little less then a month away from turning 35 and I am the heaviest I've ever been. I lost 75 pounds the hard way with Weight Watchers about 8 years back. Then got pregnant and gained 50 pounds. It's no wonder, my body was probably starving and I'm SURE it damaged my metabolism. I tried very hard not to go hungry on WW and did a pretty good job eating mostly whole foods, I avoided the processed stuff but did eat frozen meals, soy products, low fat cheeses and even that nasty "butter" like stuff! YUCK. The one thing I really miss about WW though, is the meetings. They were very supportive and helpful for keeping me accountable. They didn't stress a huge loss every week and when you did have one, it was celebrated! I was taught to eat to LIVE not LIVE to eat. So it wasn't all bad.

A year postpartum with my first daughter I found that NOPE I couldn't loLse this baby weight from breastfeeding (I have now nursed both girls for about 5 years and counting!). I was so tired, run down and frustrated. The brain fog was insane. I was worried to drive some days! It was especially hard because I KNEW how to lose weight (via Weight Watchers ha!) and didn't understand why at 1500/30 points a day and working out almost every day (with a toddler who didn't sleep either!) wouldn't be enough. I kept saying in my head that "OMG I should be rail thin doing all this stuff!" and it just didn't work. So I stopped for a time and after reading about my condition, I found Mark's Daily Apple. It blew my mind in terms of eating for health so I went gluten free and began phasing out the crap.

I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's and hypothyroid with a TSH at 6.8 and the Ts all being low. The docs wouldn't put me on meds because I was "fine" and should wait till I had symptoms (I had them ALL!) but I didn't push it. I though eating better was my answer. It wasn't.

I saw an ND a few years later, and he prescribed me natural thyroid meds (Nature-Throid) at a very low dose. Well, it turns out I was pregnant at the same time but continued the vitamin D supplementation, vitamin b shots, upping my magnesium and eating clean. I was SO sick so I did mostly higher carbs like potatoes, rice, lots of fruit and greek yogurt. Turns out my body knew what to do and I just went with it. I firmly believe my eating higher carbs (starches!) really helped, because she came 5 weeks early and was a tiny 4.5lbs! However, she had ZERO issues. No glucose problems, lungs at 99% oxygenation and never had to be sent to the NICU. She latched on perfectly too! It was and amazing but super stressful time. Luckily, starting my pregnancy overweight, I didn't gain anything much, maybe 10 pounds total. I immediately lost that and even fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes before the mysterious weight gain of 20! pounds at 4-5 months postpartum. :#

At a crazy weight of 256 pounds, I decided something had to be done and I upped my thyroid meds over the last 6 months by taking another 1/2 grain tablet for two weeks until I got to around 3 grain. I felt great! I did this based on what I read from the Stop the Thyroid Madness site and really. I couldn't find a doc who even knew what Nature-Throid was, it wasn't consistently taken and I've had to really fight to get it. Then I started having bad hyPER symptoms over the last few weeks, and decided to drop my dose back to 1-1.5 grain. I will be seeing an endo who will hopefully help. I'm also taking a ton of supplements including rolling on a essential oil meant to help with thyroid issues. (EndoFlex).

Fast forward to now, did another Primal challenge that ended last week. I found I lost some weight (5 pounds) and my pants fit better (I'm doing T-Tapp and I'm thinking was responsible for that) but man, I am just TIRED. I felt like total crap, was nauseated and had some bad days of cravings (I fantasized about potatoes, people, no JOKE!) and even considered going on a crazy "potato diet" where you eat mostly potatoes all day (cooked then cooled for the resistant starch). Yeah not smart while nursing... I don't know how, but I found Matt Stone. I immediately downloaded his ebook. He made sense, I already knew of Ray Peat who did NOT make much sense LOL so then I got here.

I am temping around the low to mid 97s. I wanted to do RRARF for at least a month but I worry about how much I should be eating and how to track. I also want to continue T-Tapping and yoga once a week. I'm too tired right now to do weight lifting but am interested to learn about doing it in the new few weeks because I really would like to curb any major weight gain. I will be patient and let my body figure it out. I wont be cutting out foods anymore (except gluten and soy as it's said to aggravate my thyroid condition). I wont be cutting calories until I see how my body does in atleast 8 weeks and plan to take the reset for as long as it takes.

I'm so happy to be here! The
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02-07-2015, 07:50 AM
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RE: Noob mama with lots to lose and hashimotos
First of all, congrats in having 3 beautiful healthy girls ^^

Secondly, I don't really know most of the stuff you are currently doing. I have Hashimoto's since 18 yo. I only take levothyroxine 50 mcg. Bloods are fine. I don't feel sleepy unless I do crazy stuff which I think would probably happen anyway even if I didn't have this. I mean, I can fall asleep anywhere as long as I'm tired, which happens ALWAYS when I wake up early. But I can sleep as little as 4h a day for 3 days and be fine as long as I wake up late happy

Anyway, bloods are fine and I feel awesome without any supplement. I definitely think you should see a doctor, though I never even saw an endo in my life (apparently it's not needed for hypothyroid at least in Portugal/UK).

I also have no idea what T-tapp is. But as long as you are active and eating to be active, that's a great start. I fell in love with yoga recently and it's been great!!

So.. basically you should first start and get your TDEE, or basically how many calories you should eat a day to maintain your weight. And you should probably start eating slowly to that amount (and then maintain it for like 4-8 weeks) until you start feeling more energized. Eating will give you energy that you then will spend on exercising. No more exercising because you have to, it's just having this extra energy that you need to spend somehow!

This is probably the most common calculator to do that: Calculator. Don't forget to be truthful on how much exercise you do a week.

I don't know if you have a MyFitnessPal account, but it's the best program I've found so far to count calories. My name's Nadoriel in there as well.

That said.. I never tried weightwatchers due to money issues, and I don't really regret it. This works, is free and makes you feel awesome. You don't need to weight lift for now, but when you feel better that's definitely something to dig in, as it makes you feel great and powerful and in control ^^

Happy eating!
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02-10-2015, 05:14 AM
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RE: Noob mama with lots to lose and hashimotos
We're really supportive on MFP - we have an EM2WL group there and a lot of us are friends. I'm Mymodernbabylon on there and quite happy to friend you if you decide to join. You'll get daily shout-outs and the like, so the support you miss will be there!
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