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Let's EAT!!!
12-02-2017, 10:18 AM
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RE: Let's EAT!!!
Kati, you are doing amazing just by moving forward! The best workout is the one you can keep doing consistently and this consistent wins over any workout spurt that you can’t keep up with.

Grieving is such a long process. When my mom passed I wasn’t able to grief properly. I had a baby and had to hold it together for my family. The other day I was driving and a song started playing in the radio (I don’t even remember which one) and I had a huge meltdown. I didn’t fight it, I just let all the feeling flow and allowed myself to feel it.

Like Fiona said, cutting is easier at certain times. Trying to cut in times when everything goes against it is not even worth trying, will just bring frustration. Understanding and accepting that we don’t have to be always cutting, that we can just chill is a huge step in this journey.

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