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Reset question
07-26-2015, 01:17 AM
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Reset question
Is it generally better to increase immediately to TDEE (even if it means adding over 1000 cals
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07-26-2015, 01:40 AM
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RE: Reset question
(07-26-2015 01:17 AM)mjj79 Wrote:  Is it generally better to increase immediately to TDEE (even if it means adding over 1000 cals

Also, still a tad confused about my TDEE (sorry). I've heard I can do one of a few things:

1) set MFP to maintenance and then eat back calls burned ?

2) average my total calories burned from by Fitbit charge hr

3) use the scooby calculator to calculate tdee

I get different numbers for all 3 tho. How do I know which is better?

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07-26-2015, 04:49 AM
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RE: Reset question
You can do either - but you will end up feeling VERY uncomfortable and it may be a mental mind-mess. Some people can do it, but a lot of people can't.

As for TDEE - there is no better, though MFP sucks for the calories they give, so I wouldn't go with that. As long as you are entering manually calories burnt via weight lifting into the Fitbit (cause it doesn't do well, even with the HR, with giving correct calories for lifting), then I'd go with the Fitbit. See how it goes. You'll want to test the number eventually - some people find the fitbit under-estimates.
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07-26-2015, 07:09 AM (This post was last modified: 07-26-2015 07:12 AM by AnitraSoto.)
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RE: Reset question
Personally, I would make that increase to TDEE slowly. If you do it all at once, you will feel very uncomfortable and you may not like the scale at all! How quickly you increase, however, is totally up to you. I generally recommend adding on 100 calories to your daily intake each week. If you have been eating at a severe deficit you might decide to add more like 200 calories just to speed the process along. But, remember the faster you make the increases the more wild the scale fluctuations are likely to be. Have you gotten a chance to read The Metabolism Reset Guide? It is located on the Home page under the Start Here tab. There you will find the whole process laid out for you in one easy place.

As far as determining your TDEE, the guide^^ goes into detail about how to actually determine your true TDEE, rather than relying on the calculators or on-body devices. I would suggest using the number on your FitBit as a guide and then confirm that with a calculator.

What you do with MFP sort of depends on how quickly you are going to make that increase. If you are going to make the increases slowly, then simply figure out where you are now (what your current intake is) and add 100 (or 200) calories to that and change your goals in MFP to that number. In that case you would not eat back your exercise calories (when you determine your TDEE, your exercise is already factored into that number, so you won't be "eating back exercise calories"). In fact, the easiest way to handle that is: when you log your exercise in to MFP, simply change the "calories burned" to "1" and that way MFP won't mess with your calorie (or macro goals). Then, each week, just go in and manually change your goal to reflect your new, increased, intake. Proceed in this way until you get to TDEE. Again, if you haven't already read it, I would suggest reading the Reset Guide for a full, more detailed explanation.

Anitra Soto
Team EM2WL
ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer
ISSA Certified Specialist in Senior Fitness

My EM2WL Journey:
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07-29-2015, 10:10 AM
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RE: Reset question

I'm new here but I did quite some reading on EM2WL website. And, probably like everyone else who's trying to reset their metabolism, I am confused.

What throws me off is the variety of calories/macros calculators and their results. I am 166 cm/56 kg/23 years old and my maintenance calories vary between ~1700 and 2144 kcal (by Scooby). That's a pretty wide range and I'm leaning towards the smaller value since I'm not comfortable with eating at least 1700 kcal. I do 2 CrossFit workouts a week and run 2 times/week (sometimes 3, I like running).

Before finding EM2WL I used to eat according to my hunger levels which resulted in 1000-1100 kcal/day but now I try to eat at least 1300 kcal. I feel stuffed but I assume this is not unusual when trying to eat more than you're used to.

I'm tracking my calories and weigh everything I cook but still it bumps me out the amount I am supposed to eat. This is why I'm hesitating, if increasing calories is the right thing to do? And if it is, what amount is the right one to start off?
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07-29-2015, 11:01 AM
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RE: Reset question
Scooby is the one that we recommend and the one most people find is most accurate.

You are correct that you'll feel stuffed in the beginning - that's why adding 100 calories to your day and then increase weekly is a good way to go. It takes a long time but you won't feel as much of the bloat. You will gain some weight (that's the glucogen stores refilling themselves as well as some water weight) but not anything that you won't be able to drop eventually.

Don't forget that when you do the calculator that it's not just exercise that's included in this - it's also daily movement. So if you have an active job, a kid or walk around a lot, that should bump your activity level up as well.

If you have been under-eating for a long while (and it sounds like you have), then it's tough to get into the mindset. But it's worth it. Why not be able to eat as much as you can for life versus the low calories that you have. I've never felt better, been able to workout harder and sleep better in my life - plus at 46 years old, I can eat around 2300 calories and maintain. And darn it - I like it!
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