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Katie's Journey from Low Cal Diets and Binging to Health!
09-03-2015, 10:34 AM
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RE: Katie's Journey from Low Cal Diets and Binging to Health!
I'm almost 8 weeks into my metabolism reset and about 4-5 weeks at TDEE. I have been feeling super low energy over the last couple of weeks. Has anyone else gone through that in their metabolism reset? I might not be sleeping quite enough and it could be because TOM is coming in a few days but I am wondering if it could be a symptom of the metabolism reset as well. I took some B12 vitamins last night and omegas to hopefully help but I feel just as tired today.

I've been looking through everyone's personal journals and its really interesting to see the different ways people approach this.

mrsukyankee - your most recent pic looks great! we seem to be similar weight/height but somehow my body is definitely much larger than yours. Maybe I have less muscle mass? I'm not comparing to put myself down because I know that everyone is different but it was just interesting to me. Definitely more motivation to continue with the heavy weights!

Honestly weight doesn't matter too much to me, but how clothes fit, energy levels, strength, and tone are what matter to me. I was wearing a size 4 US before and now none of my clothes fit and I'm a size 6 or 8 now just in a couple of months and I have belly rolls. I'm having to rediscover what my size is at different stores now and its really frustrating. Sometimes smalls are too small and mediums are too big and I feel like I don't fit anywhere. Hopefully this is temporary and I can slowly make it back to fit into my cute clothes again. I tried to buy some more that were a better fit to help my confidence levels but even those are tight. Sad

I will do my weekly weigh in tomorrow and see if my weight has continued to stabilize.

I feel like my body is not liking this extra weight - I feel slower and clunkier and much lower energy.

Other non-scale victories are that I am cold a lot less, my nails seem to be stronger, and my skin is a little bit less dry.

When I first started I felt full and bloated all the time and then as I increased I slowly felt more and more hungry which was good. If I am late on any meal I start to get hungry which is another good sign that my metabolism is resetting!

As for workouts, its been hard with the low energy - by the time I get home from work I am exhausted. I've been doing the 5x5 strength workout about 1-2 times per week and I usually get 1 good yoga class in (and these aren't lazy yoga classes - they are hardcore). Next week I might try to start waking up early and working out in the mornings - but my gym only has one shower so I'm not sure how that will go lol.

I read that you should up your cardio during the cut phase but what about doing some cardio or HIIT workouts during the metabolism reset? Should I wait till reset is over before I add cardio back in?
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09-03-2015, 01:03 PM
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RE: Katie's Journey from Low Cal Diets and Binging to Health!
I'm a US size 6-8 (depending on company). You probably see yourself as bigger than you are, plus, that pic definitely made me look leaner than I see in the mirror - angle and clothing shape do a lot for a person. I've not been smaller than this in over 11 years, so, for me, it's a win. Plus I really have only been a lot smaller when I ate a lot I don't really desire to get there again. I like eating!

I wouldn't worry about upping cardio during cut phase - if anything I'd up weight lifting and perhaps do some cardio...I do it only for my heart healthy and because I play field hockey (so need it), otherwise I probably would only do some sprinting along with my weight lifting. If you love cardio, then add it when you cut, but not at the detriment of weight lifting. While you are doing the reset, I wouldn't change anything, as that would also change the TDEE numbers (making it more confusing).
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