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Checking In/Lifting Question
09-28-2015, 04:08 PM
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Checking In/Lifting Question

I'm just checking in. I'm starting my second week in my reset, aiming for 1600-1700/day right now. I figure I will have an idea of what my average is in a few weeks and I will adjust again.

I'm feeling positive about this as well as a little anxious because I don't know exactly what I'm doing.

I am meeting with the trainer tomorrow to go over weight training.
I would like to have him show me the regular lifting basics - the stuff you do in stronglifts 5x5.

I'm not sure what to ask him or tell him.

I know you all can't see me, but I really don't need 'bigger' muscles.
Stronger muscles are fine, but I want to avoid larger - which is why I'm interested in stronglifts in the first place. So if I'm over-eating because I don't know what my baseline is yet, I'm concerned about gaining.

So my question is, is the stronglifts-type of lifting good or not-so-optimal for me until I figure out my balanced TDEE?
Should I just lay low on new workouts until then?
Or does it really even matter as long as I'm tracking activity and foods?

I want to make sure my reset actually fully takes place and I don't over-do things too quickly.

I really want to succeed in this. I'm a rather unsure person and just need a little guidance.

I believe it can work and everything I've read so far here gives me so much hope and inspiration already.
Also, I have not been able to find the journals sections of the site so some direction to those would be greatly appreciated.


I want to succeed in this so I can show others that it works.
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09-28-2015, 11:13 PM
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RE: Checking In/Lifting Question
Hi Kitty..

You'll find the journal area here

If you haven't already, I would read the metabolism reset a few times. It takes a moment to adjust to the idea of eating more, the fact that you can't easily gain weight by eating at TDEE, and how your body is going to respond.

Just take it slow in terms of adding calories to find your TDEE and you shouldn't gain too much weight. Any weight gained day-to-day will be water or glycogen, not fat or muscle. Both fat and muscle takes a long time to create and you have to be over your TDEE to make it happen.

For women, muscle is hard to put on. I wouldn't worry about bulking up by lifting or eating more food. It's difficult to put on muscle after you have some newbie gains. So no fretting about becoming bulky.

As for exercise regime, just find one you like and stick with it. I've done Stronglift 5x5 and its a good basic program to get into strength training. Just ask your trainer to help you learn the proper techniques. Take your time.

As for how often, I personally would stick to 3-4 a week. Like I'm doing 3 times a week as I'm still working on getting into be able to do workouts without overdoing it.

Just start off with a few days and see how you feel. Let your body be your guide. It will tell you if you are overdoing it.

Well, that's my two cents. I hope it helps.
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09-29-2015, 02:42 PM
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RE: Checking In/Lifting Question
Mary Jo - thank you for the link! I am a little slow sometimes.

And for that reason I also thank you for your two cents wink

Everyone who does Stronglifts seems to love it. It is a simple enough program that I can understand it. The NROLFW was so confusing I almost cried both times I tried to read it.
I just need someone to show me stuff. The trainer should be pretty helpful in that. I hope.

These ideas are pretty new. I'm definitely still adjusting.
There are so many people here that are proof that it's not wrong. I just keep that in mind and the idea that once I do figure out my TDEE things will even out.

I've "gained" about a pound in a week. I love being able to eat normal amounts of food and not feeling like I must punish myself for it. I know the gain is just my body freaking out, so it's OK.

I will remind myself of what you've said about gaining muscles so I don't freak out. ^..^
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10-05-2015, 04:01 AM
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RE: Checking In/Lifting Question
Yeah, believe me, the women who actually gain muscle have been doing it for years, eat a lot of calories over TDEE and they are using weights that we'll probably never lift as normal human beings.

You may gain up to 5 lbs as your carb stores fill up. That's normal and it will stabilise. Remember that most people's weight will fluxuate at least 2-5 lb regularly depending on hormones, salt intake, etc. That's why having a goal range (eventually once you are done with your reset) is a good idea.

Good luck with this and definitely join us in the journal section - you'll get more support there.
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