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what am I doing wrong?
04-17-2017, 03:41 PM
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RE: what am I doing wrong?
I LIKE that title: "intuitive cook" mom always called it 'slap dashed'...yours is better!
It's good to know you've had success with EM2WL even though you make up your own dishes.

thanks for the tip about how to navigate the sea of recipe calculations...I really need to
buckle down and get my diet on point. I keep hearing "abs begin in the kitchen" and
"'s 90% diet and 10% working out..." UGH!
My diet isn't horrible...we're mostly meat/potatoes/veggies here.....I don't eat sweets or drink soda...I eat chips here and there (but I pay attention/log them so I don't go overboard) only "I can't give it up" is popcorn w/olive oil and pink salt...which I also
count towards the days' totals.
My biggest hurdles are enough calories and consistent workouts...but that seems to be a recurring
theme throughout the posts others have I'm not alone. happy

thanks for the reply!
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04-17-2017, 03:54 PM
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RE: what am I doing wrong?
Nope, you are not alone wink We are all works in progress! My kids and husband eat my food, so I guess it comes out good sometimes laughing . I hate following recipes. I need to tie up some lose ends on me eats. I don't have any issues in eating my calories, EVER, but that being said, it's time for me to stop bulking and peel the outer layers, aka eat at a small deficit...

You don't have to give up your popcorn and you shouldn't! Plus it's a great carb with fiber, go for it! I love kettle style, the sweeter the better, but it sometimes messes up my stomach, so I go easy on it.

Pick one thing that will cause the biggest impact now and focus on it until it becomes a habit, either the calories, the workouts, the recipes. Don't try to focus on all at once. That will increase your chances of success big time!

Tereza Toledobig grin lovestruck
Team EM2WL
Certified EM2WL Personal Trainer and Coach
Here is my journey:
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04-17-2017, 04:30 PM
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RE: what am I doing wrong?
hmmm....well then....I'm thinking I need to focus on the workouts...those weeks nursing my stupid knee
took a toll!...the flab is overwhelming!

thanks for all your help! happy
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