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Long break :)
05-03-2016, 06:36 AM
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Wink Long break :)
Hi - I was here about 2 years ago in the most amazing shape happy I stopped due to having my baby. But now he is 5 months I really want to start getting my body back in shape after gaining some serious weight whilst pregnant.
So I need to go back and read the handbook again to remind myself about the plan - does anyone know where to find it on an iPad? Also what do I do if breast-feeding? Also I'm not able to get to the gym at the moment - so do I need to do strength training? Or are there any at home exercises I can do??
Really looking forward to jumping back into things again happy

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05-03-2016, 07:18 AM
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RE: Long break :)
So according to my Fitbit my average burn is around 2089. So for a 250 cal cut, I need to be eating around 1839 cals - which seems really low. Hmmmm I guess I'll try that and see how I go.

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05-03-2016, 09:30 PM
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RE: Long break :)
Welcome back ... and congrats on your baby boy!!

Not sure about where they appear on an iPad, but on a computer they are under the Start Here tab.

You can find the Starter Kit here:

and the (free) Metabolism Reset Guide here:

As far as the breastfeeding, yes you need to add on 200-400 calories a day to account for that. That is definitely an energy requirement for the body, and you don't want to make your deficit too steep, or you may risk a decrease in milk production...

Do you have any idea how much you have been eating recently? Have you been tracking at all? Before you head right to that deficit you might want to log for a week or so (without changing anything) just to give yourself a good starting point (unless, of course, you have been tracking...)

If you have been eating at or over your TDEE, then yes you can drop right to that cut, but remember to add on ~300 calories a day for breastfeeding. Take a look at the Metabolism Reset Guide and that should give you a pretty good idea of what direction to start off in, and come back with any questions you may have.

As for the exercise, you will probably be happiest with your results if you can add some strength training. There is a nice app called You Are Your Own Gym you can download for like 5 bucks that is a great way to get an effective at-home workout. Do that with some walking and a couple of short HIIT-type workouts a week and you should be good to go!

Again, welcome back, and congrats!

Anitra Soto
Team EM2WL
ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer
ISSA Certified Specialist in Senior Fitness

My EM2WL Journey:
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05-04-2016, 03:26 AM
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RE: Long break :)
Thanks happy I Tracked a couple of days and ended up eating about 1700ish. It makes sense to track for a couple of days to see where I am. My weight seems to have stablised as I'm maintaining my current weight at the mo.
Will defo check out the app as well - sounds like it's exactly what I'm looking for

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