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Noob starting to cut...not sure if I'am doing this right
06-10-2016, 12:27 AM
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RE: Noob starting to cut...not sure if I'am doing this right
(06-08-2016 03:00 PM)theneverendingweightstory Wrote:  First, I want to thank you for your detailed reply because it was very helpful in terms of realizing that two bodies are not the same.

I know comparing myself to my husband in terms of weight loss is moot since our bodies are different, but logically speaking in a mathematical stand point, he is burning a lot to eat at 2500(and that's on a cut), where as I truly felt my work out habits changing didn't require me to eat at 2150 or 2127 anymore. My husband jumped straight into a cut, looking at his eating history he possibly yo,yo'd eating 3000-2000 calories give or a take for 2 years and still lost weight before he ate properly, but I believe its safe to say when he hits a plateau, he will have to eat at 2800 to maintain weight and start up the process again.

To know he too wasn't eating right, didn't even do a reset, and is 30lbs lighter than when I started to get more fit , I do feel somewhat envious..

It honestly sucks being a woman when it comes to weight loss. Men just pick up a weight and do very little diet changes and they can drop the weight. Yes, Id be envious too. We have to work twice as hard to have the same results.. But just remind yourself, He is not you and you are made up of completely different material.

Quote:I also spoke to a female trainer who gave me this idea of eating more before I found this site, one inch shorter than me, and she said she usually eats around 2000-2200 calories per day but since she's a personal trainer, I see how she has to eat this much to stay at maintenance.

Just remember, you cannot compare yourself to someone else. Height is not the only factor when determining calorie levels. So even though she eats that amount to maintain, does not mean it is your number too. And believe it or not, just because shes a personal trainer does not mean shes working out daily and is above a moderate level of activityhappy

Quote:I know I never want to eat below 2000 calories every again, but I truly feel if I want to go back to my TDEE of 2127, I'd have to go back to how I was working out, and sure enough that's what I'am currently doing.

Your right that this isn't a quick fix, but I also have to be honest with my activity level, and I was breaking much more a sweat and was much more active in April, than I have been in May and June.

This is a good thing to know about yourself. If you know you want to stay above 2000 and push your body further then an increase in activity is needed, which will push your TDEE higher. So make sure when you are consistent with your cals that you track your activity with it. Consistency is key.

Im glad you are able to play with your numbers and work things around. Take the time in your reset to to really work at finding TDEE. Keep things consistent and just enjoy the timehappy

Team EM2WL
Never Give Up.
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