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ScaryAnn1 Working my way up to TDEE
06-12-2016, 12:45 PM
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Brick ScaryAnn1 Working my way up to TDEE
I'm kind of kicking myself in the behind for not starting to keep track of measurements from the get go, but I really didn't think it was going to work for me. After all, nothing else had.     But here I am almost a year into eating more and I have no idea what my measurements were last August when I started other than I was wearing a size 24 stretch jeans that were getting tight and I weighted 305 pounds. I am now wearing size 22 stretch jeans that I need a belt to hold up!    

I started keeping track of measurements on April 25th of this year.
This is today's update on MFP

Weight = 284.8
Down- .6 pounds

Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) = 1890
Daily calories to maintain weight (TDEE) = 2363
Average calories = 1926

Weight - April 286 pounds / Today 284.8 pounds -1.2 pounds
Calf- April 20.5 inches / Today 19.25 inches - 1.25 inches
Thigh- April 30 inches / Today 28 inches - 2 inches
Hips - April 58 inches /Today 56.25 inches - 1.75 inches
Abdomen - April 51 inches / Today 49 inches - 2 inches
Waist - April 48 inches / Today 46 inches - 2 inches
Forearm - April 13 inches / Today 12. 25 inches - .75 inches

I wasn't going to put any measurements here because I was so embarrassed by them, but I just realized that instead of being embarrassed I should be proud instead. So here they are.

Do you ever wake up and just feel smaller, this was how I felt yesterday, that was why I wanted to update today instead of tomorrow. Look what a month can do!
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06-12-2016, 07:24 PM
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RE: ScaryAnn1 Working my way up to TDEE
Wow, Ann! Even without the measurements to compare, the pictures show a huge change! You are doing amazing! Don't worry about anything, no one is judging you. You went through a lot and didn't give up on taking care of yourself. Wtg, keep nourishing your body!

Team EM2WL

Tereza Toledobig grin lovestruck
Team EM2WL
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06-13-2016, 01:42 AM
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RE: ScaryAnn1 Working my way up to TDEE
Wow, way to go! What amazing progress! And definitely no reason to feel embarrassed to post - these forums are for us to use!

One thing you might want to consider is starting a journal of your own in the Personal Journals section. That way all of your updates will be in the same thread, and it gives you a great way to look back and (easily) track your progress. We will see your updates as you post them there. Can't wait to hear more about your progress!

Anitra Soto
Team EM2WL
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ISSA Certified Specialist in Senior Fitness

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