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Yasmine's Journal
05-04-2017, 02:25 AM
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RE: Yasmine's Journal
Well, mathematically, if you're at TDEE your mean weight averaged over weeks should stay the same. If you're over by 100 kcal, then that means you're over by 700 kcal every week. Which would mean you gain 1 pound/0.4 kg every 5 weeks, which is a very subtle gain.
Plus, you'd probably not be hungry for the amount you're trying to eat. Maybe for the first couple of days you're on a higher kcal count, you are happy you can eat more, but over time you mostly eat the extra amount to reach the number, rather than because you're hungry. You might also feel more tired and a lot less interest in food.
For me, I've noticed that even when I was eating more than before, at 1800-1900 kcals, I would still have days where I had 'EAT ALL THE FOOD' moments. Now that I'm consistently around 2200/2300 kcals, those moments have lessened considerably. Thats shown me that I'm on the right track.
In the end, I do think you're right that it doesn't matter if you know precisely what your TDEE is, especially as it's going to change depending on your daily activity. You've stayed at a reasonably high intake for a while, so your body is probably starting to trust you again.

I hope the experts will chime in too, as I'm also curious what they'll say wink
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05-09-2017, 12:46 AM
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RE: Yasmine's Journal
My weight is just jumping around like crazy. Mostly up! it's now up to 65.9 kg. Maybe some of it will go away because I have a cold right now. But it's really frustrating to see the weight go up all the time. It's over a year now that I watch it go higher and higher. I want it to stay steady! Should I go back by some calories? I can't believe that my TDEE is under 2200. But maybe my metabolism is slow in catching up!?
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