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Will Weight Change...
01-29-2017, 06:35 PM
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Will Weight Change...
I was looking at my stats this week and a thought popped in my head. If you aren't eating to drastically cut body fat (like swim suit or seriously athletic body fat %), when you reach a healthy body fat percentage, is that when the weight starts to drop?

What made me think of this is my body fat has come down 4-5%. I'm right on the cusp of "healthy" body fat. My weight is still 195-197 lbs, but my lean mass has increased while my body fat has decreased.

At some point, my lean mass should max out right? And if I continue to lose a little body fat, then the scale should start to move? Or my overall size should decrease more? Recomposition.

I feel like it's just right there...about to all fall into place...maybe happy

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01-30-2017, 08:28 AM
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RE: Will Weight Change...
Rhoda, you have a very good point there. Actually increasing your lean mass and decreasing body fat is the holy grail of the equation. More muscle will let you eat more, lift more and help burn the fat.

Now when we talk about scale and weight, we need to keep in mind that we are talking about too finicky entities with a mind of their own. We control our food, our workouts but cannot control the scale. At one point it will become harder to increase lean mass and if you stay consiste and keep challenging yourself the fat will definitely decrease. How much change you will actually see on the scale will depend on your eats. The ideal is to go slow, small deficit and let your body do what it has to do. After all you want to lose fat and keep as much lean mass as you can.

And you are right, you are in the right spot! Keep doing it. Start taking some pics for comparison!

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