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Anjacina's Journal
03-21-2018, 03:13 PM
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RE: Anjacina's Journal
Been plotting along attending webinars and just working on trying to become consistent. That's the second hardest part about this journey is Consistency. Getting to the gym 3 times a week and finding a rack available has been proving a bit of a challenge considering the recent time change and college students returning from spring break. I just recently got to a point where I felt comfortable at the gym, I would go at the right time and even made really small conversation with people, only to get recently saddled with time and crowding. I'm really rolling with it though and not getting down on myself about it. It's like this weight...I just have to live with it until my body heals from how I treated it. And if I have to be larger than I want to be...well, I can't help that. I already know, from eating under my TDEE, taking Phentermine (15g), cutting out various food groups and working out strenuously for weeks at a time, my body is broken. It's time for me to feed it properly and work it out properly. I am nervous about traveling because large and third world countries don't mix and I'm worried like my first day at the gym. Everyone is looking and judging me. I'm prepping for hiking the Inca Trail in the end of July and to train I've been hiking elevation (like over 8500ft) every weekend for 7 weeks. It's been hard, harrowing, and belatedly empowering to know my body can do these things as I've been working to make it stronger. When I have a consistent lifting week, the hike seems easier than the last, which is what I hope for. So I know that it's only going to get better. Patience - the hardest part about this journey by far - is not getting easier but I'm just working on consistency and it should fall into place. Have a blessed day everyone!
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03-23-2018, 08:10 AM
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RE: Anjacina's Journal
Anjacina, wow, the Inca trail is definitely something exciting to be looking forward!

Yes, consistency and patience, hard to keep up with it, but truly the key in thepis process. Feeling more comfortable in gym is a bug accomplishment, kudos for not letting the initial awkwardness stop you.

Focusing on healing now will definitely pay off, heal, heal first.

Just like the gym, it will feel weird at first but then it will become second nature. Nobody will be looking or judging you, they have their own concerns to worry about. Also size has been increasing in south America, which means they are catching up with other countries when it comes to fat. Don’t hesitate, be yourself and enjoy your trip!

Tereza Toledobig grin lovestruck
Team EM2WL
Certified EM2WL Personal Trainer and Coach
Here is my journey:
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