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Joy In The Journey
04-21-2017, 11:04 PM
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RE: Joy In The Journey
(04-21-2017 08:55 PM)Sunshine44 Wrote:  First of all, TGIF big grin

Second of all, I wanted to just put this update out there:

Starting weight: about 130 lbs
Goal weight: 125 lbs

TDEE EM2WL calculator: Moderate 2217 calories
Strenuous 2467 calories

Week April 14-20: goal was 2,200

-Fri. 2240 (1 hour weight lifting with breaks and warm up)
-Sat. 2240 (run 3 miles)
-Sun. 2300 (yoga)
-Mon. 2800 (run 2 miles)
-Tues. 2440 (1 hour weight lifting with breaks and warm up)
-Wed. 2540 (1 mile swim)
-Thurs. 2210 (3 1/2 slow miles)

WEIGH IN THIS MORNING (I haven't weighed myself in 1 1/2 months): 133lbs

I'm kind of discouraged about that number. I feel like I should have been weighing all along so I could get a more realistic idea of my progress, but here I am anyway happy I know my goal was 2,200 for this week and I'm not very good about being consistent. Today, I didn't eat enough during the afternoon, so it piled onto tonight and I'm up to 2,500. My goal for this week is again, 2,200. Help. My cheeks are puffy. I have a wedding that I'm attending May 21st and want to look my best, but I must keep reminding myself that weight and the way I look will not change who I am inside. Thanks for listening guys happy I really appreciate you!

Hey Sunshine, It can be a huge shock to weigh more than you want to but 3lbs in 6 weeks may not really be as bad as it looks. 2 or 3 lbs can be water retention from sodium or extra carbs from the day before or because muscles are retaining water from lifting weights. And it could just be more muscle from lifting weights for the last few weeks. So even if it is a valid weight increase I would put my money on it being more likely from muscle gain than fat gain.

What are your clothes fitting like? For me that is the biggest indication.

Have you taken a "before" photo or taken measurements? That would probably tell you a whole lot more.

So you may get to your goal "125lb size" while being 133 or even 135lbs because you will have more muscle and much less fat??

Have a fabulous day and don't let the scales make you feel down.
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04-22-2017, 12:47 PM
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RE: Joy In The Journey
Being 135 while looking as if you were 125 is definitely worth it! Fiona has a good point there. More muscle means looking better, feeling better and eating more!
When we say that the hardest part of this journey is the mental part, we are not joking. Breaking up with the scale isn't an easy task, but it's the best thing you can do for yourself.

Lifting will make you hold more water, muscle without water is jerky. The water retention dismishes after the second week of starting a new lifting routine.

You are doing great and even though you may not see the progress outside, things are happening inside!

Tereza Toledobig grin lovestruck
Team EM2WL
Certified EM2WL Personal Trainer and Coach
Here is my journey:
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04-24-2017, 10:21 PM
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RE: Joy In The Journey
Thank you, Fiona and Tereza, for your thoughts and encouragement! I have not taken measurements, but I have taken some pics. I usually go by how my clothes feel as well as looking in the mirror. My clothes still fit pretty much the same, but I will say my thighs and face still look thick/puffy. Since I've never lifted weights before beginning EM2WL I do think I have gained some muscle in my arms though!

As far as calories this week, my hunger has subsided a bit and I've been pretty consistent around 2,300. I feel good in that area so we'll see how this goes big grin

EM2WL people you should check out this blog: The Real Life RD by Robyn Coale and also another blog: Yeah...ImmaEATthat
These blogs are so beautifully written by beautiful people! You should check it out
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04-25-2017, 02:33 AM
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RE: Joy In The Journey
You might also be feeling puffy from lifting!
Hang in there Sunshine happy
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04-28-2017, 11:51 PM
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RE: Joy In The Journey
Update: weighed in this morning at 135!
My clothes are feeling tighter, but honestly, I'm actually okay with this process! I used to be SO SCARED if I gained even a lb, but now I'm seriously not that worried because I know I'm doing the right thing for myself. I will say, I am supposed to have my period this week, so it may be some water weight.
Calories this week have still not been consistent. I had about three days at 2,300 and the other four days were around 2,400-2,500. I calculated my TDEE on scooby and it said for moderate exercise I should be 2,100 nail biting
Now THIS scares me cuz I am not having 2,100 calories. I'm OVER that. Do you guys have any imput with what I should do with that? I'm happy to say that I have not been the least bit hungry lately. It's kinda sad to eat even when you're not hungry to get the calories in, but ya know. Haha at the beginning of this process I never thought I'd be saying "I'm not hungry".
My Mom is still hinting around about Weight Watchers. It's frustrating because sometimes I wonder if she's right. My thoughts about eating more fluctuate from excitement and joy, to worry. I feel great, but like I said, everything but my stomach feels puffy: especially thighs and face.

I wanted to see what you guys think about my lifting workout as well!

Dumbell Bench Press: 3 sets: 20 reps - 8 lb weight
Dumbell Lateral Raise: 3 sets: 15 reps - 5 lb weight
Dumbell Hammer Curl: 3 sets: 20 reps - 10 lb weight
2 Arm Overhead Extension: 3 sets: 20 reps - 10 lb weight
1 Arm Dumbell Row: 3 sets: 20 reps - 10 lb weight
Dumbell Bicep Curl: 3 sets: 20 reps - 8 lb weight
Dumbell Shoulder Press: 3 sets: 15 reps - 8 lb weight

I have a small warm up before that and then a few ab exercises after.
Do ya'll have anything I can add to this? Do you have any imput? I notice myself definitely getting more muscular. Which is good, of course, but yeah, don't wanna get bulky!! happy
Have a wonderful weekend
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04-29-2017, 08:13 PM
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RE: Joy In The Journey
Hi Sunshine, Your lifting workout sounds great - it is sort of similar to how I started out. I remember that shoulder presses were difficult at first at that weight but now I do around 12kgs for each arm.

As you find these weights get easier you can increase them.

You will probably look stronger but it is fat that gives the bulky look - not muscle in my experience. And having a decent amount of muscle and eating enough protein allows me to maintain my weight better than if I didn't have any muscle.

I am over my goal at the moment too. I was aiming for an average of 2250 cals but actually hit an average of 2470 cals. I am putting it down to raising the amount of my weights and I hope it will settle this week.

Also, having a ravenous hunger is one of the stages of raising to TDEE and if it is that it should settle down.
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05-03-2017, 09:53 AM
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RE: Joy In The Journey
What do you guys think about me taking a small cut for a few weeks? Do you think it's too soon? I had a breakdown this morning because....I'm just not where I would like to be right now with my weight. Not just the scale, but how I look in the mirror. I've noticed more puffiness as well as a fat roll around my stomach. It makes me insecure and I'm constantly thinking about how much calories I'm taking in, my weight, ect. I talked with my mom on the phone and she encouraged me to try a small cut for 2 weeks and then I might feel better. I don't want to make things worse by doing it too early though...
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05-03-2017, 10:42 AM
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RE: Joy In The Journey
Also, Fiona, thank you for your imput! Do you think your TDEE might be around 2,450?! I think I might slowly increase my weights as well like you suggested.
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05-03-2017, 10:10 PM
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RE: Joy In The Journey
I don't really know what my TDEE is?? But lately I have been eating way over what the calculator estimates my TDEE to be. I used "moderate" for the exercise and it estimates my TDEE to be 2100. So maybe it is because I increased my weights that I am eating so much. Last week it was an average of 2450 and this week it is looking higher! Maybe I am going through the "increased appetite stage" and it will settle down in a few weeks??

I think it is a great idea to slowly increase your weights. I find that when I increase my weights I initially feel "bigger" and then everything settles down and I go back to normal or even leaner. Do you think that this may be why you are feeling more puffy? A few weeks ago I had a bigger "muffin top" but now it is going and I am fitting into my clothes a tiny bit easier.

This can be a hard journey because it is so easy to be discouraged if our weight initially goes up. But this will help in getting a higher metabolism and a more optimally working body.

Sunshine, you are young. I really encourage you to do this now. I believed I had eat less when I was your age and "white knuckled" it through my 20s and most of my 30s. I did weights but I also did too much cardio and didn't eat enough protein. It wasn't until my 40s that, though I wasn't perfect, I did less cardio, (kept doing weights), did a little HIIT, I ate more and found it much easier to maintain my happy weight.

Go girl! :-)
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05-08-2017, 07:59 PM
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RE: Joy In The Journey
Hey everyone!
As I look back on my post last week, I realize that I was being a bit emotional. The stress of exams and life in general just all piled up. When I saw the number on the scale all those emotions sorta kinda exploded!
I have decided to keep going. I try to remind myself how miserable I was eating 1,200 per day and how happy I feel eating more right now! I realize now that it's not just about my appearance, but especially my heart. I believe this is something Jesus is showing me through this journey: to learn to love myself, to love who I am and where my heart is, and to take care of myself. I can be so hard on my body and this process is teaching me how to be kind.
SO: my conclusion is that I will eat healthy and eat when I am hungry even if that means going over my calories for the day. I will move and exercise in a way that feels good to my body, and my thoughts are that if I just take care of my body, my body will take care of me.
I have stayed around 2,500 calories right now, because lately, I've just been hungry! I'm trying to not stress about any weight gain right now and just continue with this process for definitely a few more months. This FEELS good hahaha it may not LOOK good to me, but I know I'm doing what's right.

FIONA, thank you thank you for your reply. Like seriously, I needed those words for real

Tereza, LOLZ I see what you mean now when you said to remember the way I feel at the beginning of my forum! I may not have remembered it last week, but I sure did this week happy
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