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Purchased starter pack, a few more questions...
11-18-2012, 12:13 AM
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Purchased starter pack, a few more questions...
Im a 25 year old, 5 foot 3 inch female and I weigh approximately 150 pounds. 5 years ago I weighted 230 pounds and I lost a lot of it over the course of 2 years by making small lifestyle changes, to be honest, there wasn't much effort on my part to lose weight (that was nice!). For the last three years I have been between 140 and 160 pounds and can't seem to move permanently. During this time I have done a few 1200 calorie a day diets but not that many, and they normally only last a week or 2 and then I eat everything!

My BMR: 1478
TDEE(moderate activity): 2291
TDEE (15% cut):1947

My Questions:

1) Exercise: 4 weeks ago I started the Jamie Eason's live fit trainer. I have been eating between about 1900 during the a day, but enough on the weekends that I average about 2200-2300 a day for the week. and the first phase of this program puts me at a moderate activity phase on the scooby doo calculator, with about 5 hours of weight training a week, no cardio. I am about to start the second phase of this workout plan which has 6 days of working out, weight training on all 6 of them and cardio on 4, so this will bring me up to the next activity level I think. Is that to much exercise? I want to do this as efficiently as possible happy. I walk to work, 20 minutes each way, should I include that in my activity. Does the hours of working out include weight training AND cardio? I have a desk job so mostly sitting during the day.

2) Food: I have just started reading this and want to try EM2WL!!!! Do you think I need to do a reset? or should i just try cut at 15%? I have gained about 4 pounds since I started the live fit trainer and haven't lost inches either. Possibly eating to much, not eating enough, or gaining muscle, don't know! I tend to eat more on the weekends, is it okay to cut 100 calories from you amount each day during the week and add it to the weekends for drinks and extra food? so that you average at your TDEE.

3) You mentioned that if your TDEE is 2000 and your BMR is 1500 that you need to eat back your exercise calories if you burn more than 500 calories. How do you know what you are burning? I do mostly weight training and cardio classes, not machines that tell me what I burned so I don't really know. Any advice?

4) Lastly, I usually keep track of my calories in a book because I like writing things down but I see that we need to track macros on this plan so I will have to start using a phone app. Any suggestions of good ones?

I hope these questions aren't to much, I want to get started but I just have these lingering questions. I want to do it right so I don't have to ever do this again!! I am hoping to lose 25 pounds in the next 6 months, i hope that isn't to unreasonable?

Thanks in advance for all your help, and all your support on the website.
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