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1st time bulking
03-21-2013, 07:13 AM
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RE: 1st time bulking
I'm going to push through bc I'm only coming up on a month now. I want to try to gain as much muscle as possible and if that means feeling like a blob, so be it.haha You were right about needing 'bulking' jeans. I thought I could continue wearing my regular ones(which, they still fit), but boy do the slightly higher sizes feel so much better! I really do need a whole other wardrobe dedicated to bulking & my regular clothes for cutting. Looking like I'm pregnant with my stomach bulging through my shirts isn't a good

Thank you again for talking me down from my freak out.haha I will just keep going the 3 months I initially set out for & let my body do it's thing, whatever that may be.
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03-30-2013, 11:56 AM
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RE: 1st time bulking
So, I finished up my first month a couple days ago & here are my measurements now:

Weight: 127.5
Body fat %-Caliphers: 22.7
R thigh-18"
L thigh-18.5"
R calf-15.25"
L calf-15"

All in all it seems to be going well. I REALLY need to get some pictures so I can compare because that will really help.
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07-09-2013, 07:33 AM
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RE: 1st time bulking
WOW, I've really been MIA haven't I?! Dealing with trying to find a new job, but finally back after handling that!!

I completed my bulk about a month early(did 2 months), but didn't really measure at the end(bad, I know). I definitely can tell I made some great progress in strength gains, if nothing else. I can see muscles in my quads that weren't there before, so I'm proud of that.

Right now, I'm kinda in-between maintenance & a cut. With everything that's been going on personally(me looking for another job, my husband getting laid off), it's been difficult to get focused. I've still been getting my strength training in, you better believe that!!haha

I want to give cut & then maintenance a little time, but I feel I need to do another bulk at some point to get past the plateaus I feel I've reached. I've been using the same # for all my exercises I was using doing the bulk(which I'm super excited about)but maybe having more fuel would allow me to lift heavier?

It feels good being back!! big grin
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