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Newbie, just started metabolism reset
04-23-2013, 10:28 PM
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Newbie, just started metabolism reset
Hi Everyone!
I'm brand new to EMTWL.
I've been logging my food in MFP since middle of August and i've managed to lose 34kg. I still have 5kg to go and alot of toning!

I've hit my goal weight in years gone by but when I return to normal eating the weight just reappears.

My weight loss has definitely slowed and I was getting sick of people telling me i'm over training and under eating. I started reading posts on MFP and increasing my calories from 1,200 to 1,500.

Yesterday I read everything I could on EMTWL and decided to do it! It's scary - I know I will gain weight over the next 4-10 weeks while I do the restart but I also know that I can't keep reducing my calories and I need something that is going to work in the longer term. Everything I read yesterday made sense.

I've decided to rip the bandaid off and go straight to by TDEE because I want to stablise ASAP. I know this is going to take patience especially as I have to start moving back into clothes I thought I said good bye to.

I spent some time last night trying to work out how I can increase the carbs & protein in my meals to meet my macros. Previously I was more concerned on calories rather than carbs/macros. I'm not a veggie & tuna lover so I'm a little worried about increasing my calories in the right way.
I had been seeing a Chinese doctor to help with my PCOS and he had told me to avoid bread, pasta, potato and cheese so the main carbs I had been eating were mountain bread and rice. I suspect re-introducing bread will make me feel very bloated so I will do so slowly.

The other thing that really resonated with me yesterday was the YouTube video about cardio. I do heaps of cardio and when I finish my reset and eat TDEE - 15% I don't want to have to eat back calories that i've just burnt in cardio. I've made an appointment with a trainer tomorrow to get a new weight program so I can increase the heavy lifting and do a few cardio classes for fun/reward. I like the idea that my body keeps burning after a weights session. Yes you see a better calorie burn with cardio but with weights your body keeps working.

I also purchased the The New Rules of Lifting for Women book so that'll arrive soon.

Oh - one last thing - I like to weigh myself daily and do measurements weekly. So far it's really helped keep me accountable. If the scales start going upward too quickly I may have to stop the daily weigh in's happy

So lots of changes in the midst! Hopefully I can hang in there and do the metabolism reset properly!

Thanks for reading!
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04-24-2013, 05:14 PM
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RE: Newbie, just started metabolism reset
Welcome to the fam big grin

Looking forward to getting to know you!

Sounds like you've really dug into the info, and truly understand what to expect. Kudos! Many people dive in, NOT knowing what to expect, and it makes the road even bumpier than it already is, lol. Knowing what to expect is definitely half the battle, and helps to minimize the freakouts! wink

Note that I didn't say "eliminate" freakouts? Haha!

They will still come, but if you at least know that it's "normal" the freakout is pretty short lived happy

You will be absolutely amazed at the difference in your body from adding lifting to the equation. You'll kick yourself for not starting sooner, lol.

Kiki (aka rambling )
My MFP Diary

Looking for me? Follow the chocolate trail cool ....
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