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To Reset or not- Where to start?
09-07-2013, 06:39 PM
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Music To Reset or not- Where to start?
Newbie. Have been reading a lot. Trying to figure out where to start. 40 years old, female, 5'2, 212lbs- Highest ever:-( Have always been told in order to lose weight need to eat 1200-1500. However, I am not really sure I have ever eaten that low because I always end up binging at the end of the day. I am finding the reason for this may be because of the calorie restriction which could be causing the binges since I was always feeling tired, cranky, deprived and left with un-controllable food cravings. So I am not sure if I need to do the reset or if I can jump right into the cut?
I have never been able to stick with the calorie counting or restrictions, so I do not know how much I have been eating a day.
I have also read NRLFW and plan to start lifting 3 days per week. I hate cardio so don't plan on adding any in at this point. I am just not sure where to start with calories and if I should eat more on days I work out, and if so how much? I have done the TDEE and BMR Calculations. TDEE is 2300. Thought I would start out at 2000 cal/day. Is this ok and how do I tell if it is the right number once I get started?
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09-08-2013, 03:15 AM
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RE: To Reset or not- Where to start?
Hi & welcome big grin

You are right that the restriction was likely leading to the binges. If you have been attempting to eat anywhere around 1200-1500 for more than a few months, then its best to reset. Better safe than sorry, and most of us NEED to give our bodies that break, regardless. The perpetual dieting can throw our bodies for a major loop.

Your TDEE does seem *slightly* low to me, though...did you include your soon-to-be activity level in that calculation? If so, then yes, your cut of 2000 would be fine (after a short break, per above reasoning wink )

If you think that you've been hitting pretty much above 1500 for the majority of your dieting time, then feel free to just take a shorter "diet break" of a few weeks or so, rather than a full reset happy

Kiki (aka rambling )
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